As it stands this month will be a good one. After my wages and outgoings I’ll be left with more money than I’ve ever had before. I figure it’s a good time to go shopping. I need clothes. £200-250 worth to be exact. I’ve already found a new coat I love. Cashmere wool and cotton exterior with a satin lined interior for a great price. 

What’s the point in busting my ass at work if I can’t afford nice things? I need a nice pair of shoes. I’m unsure of the pair I want but I know that the shining techniques I learned from the army will make them look amazing whatever it is I buy. Other than that it’s just trousers and basics like underwear.

I’ve worked out that I’ll still have quite a bit of money left. Actually I forgot to include travel costs but even then I should take my friend for dinner. I’m thinking sushi? Sounds a lot better than eating more subway.  



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