I took the day.

I woke up at 6.30am this morning to the sound of my alarm, that 60’s sci-fi sound you hear as an alien crawls from a crashed craft. I promptly decided this day was not for me and killed my alarm accordingly. I’m too sick to even bother. It would be a waste of time for myself and my employer.

The only thing about working in an office is any viral infection spreads pretty quickly. I had just got over one flu strain when a co-worker kindly introduced another. Wonderful. My day will be spent doing a little cleaning, ironing and cooking some dinner.

Not exactly a great way to spend my day but my morning was nice, talking with the woman in my life between flu remedies and coffee. She mentioned buying something for me. Jewellery I believe, I was never one for jewellery but why not? It’s a gift. She has good taste.

Now I’m just wondering what it is I have to do next. I’m feeling laziness: re-wash my trousers and hang them wet so the creases fall out. It’s lazy but the reduction in effort is worth while. I’m mostly looking forward to a good dinner. 

It’s always nice when you have a day off, makes the week shorter and gives you more energy for the weekend. I hate it when you get to Friday or Saturday morning and you’re burned out. What’s the point of working all week if you can’t enjoy your weekend?



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