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Misanthropy at home.

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It’s been easy to be misanthropic lately. I hated people when I started but I think I’ve gotten better, I hate behaviours more than the people behind them nowadays. I did the whole anti/asocial thing for a while and while my life was relatively fuckery free I wasn’t better off for it.

I come into contact with a range of people now and they have their good and bad points. I could say that by the end of the past week I was tired of people. I’ve spent this weekend in hermit mode. Unfortunately I don’t have the resources necessary to get away from family but that’s another fuckery entirely.

I’m already worried about my family taking some sort of issue with the fact that I’ll have a level of autonomy I’ve never had before. As it stands the whole financial hierarchy has changed, with my money comes more power in the decision making process. We try to be a democracy. Well fuck it I can always move out if they start acting stupid.

They’re starting to grate on me, if I talk about money it’s always about not keeping it to myself which is something I understand, as if I’m going to let anyone go without. They don’t seem to really understand that my spending is always going to be controlled by myself. That’s how I don’t end up broke. 

Secret bank account time methinks… Despite their unfounded fears that I’m going to turn into some tightfisted asshole the other fuckeries are normal. I’m not even sure why they’re worried but I just think they don’t understand money. I don’t mind supporting them because my sister couldn’t handle the job. It’s not really an issue… Why make one out of it?

It’s the people closest to me that are currently pissing me off the most. I try to look at it as everyone being stressed. We’ve waited for pay for quite some time now. As soon as the money is in everyone can calm the fuck down. In the same breath it’s obvious that I’m going to have to operate outside of the unit. 

I didn’t start earning to not enjoy my money… 




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As it stands this month will be a good one. After my wages and outgoings I’ll be left with more money than I’ve ever had before. I figure it’s a good time to go shopping. I need clothes. £200-250 worth to be exact. I’ve already found a new coat I love. Cashmere wool and cotton exterior with a satin lined interior for a great price. 

What’s the point in busting my ass at work if I can’t afford nice things? I need a nice pair of shoes. I’m unsure of the pair I want but I know that the shining techniques I learned from the army will make them look amazing whatever it is I buy. Other than that it’s just trousers and basics like underwear.

I’ve worked out that I’ll still have quite a bit of money left. Actually I forgot to include travel costs but even then I should take my friend for dinner. I’m thinking sushi? Sounds a lot better than eating more subway.  


Silly boy.

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Everything is done barring the dinner. Now I remember that a few years ago, at the height of my debauchery, I drank and smoked my way through the flu. This is not a recommended course of action but it did make me feel better. It worked or at least it felt like it did…

So here we are again years later, financially better off, with the flu and here I am considering the same course of action because honestly I am done with the flu right now. This course of action will certainly relieve my suffering in the short term and any lasting effects can be blamed on my illness.

I might as well enjoy my day. All I’m doing now is that weird thing that women do where you don’t have the funds but you’re shopping in advance.

Fuck it, here I go again.


I took the day.

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I woke up at 6.30am this morning to the sound of my alarm, that 60’s sci-fi sound you hear as an alien crawls from a crashed craft. I promptly decided this day was not for me and killed my alarm accordingly. I’m too sick to even bother. It would be a waste of time for myself and my employer.

The only thing about working in an office is any viral infection spreads pretty quickly. I had just got over one flu strain when a co-worker kindly introduced another. Wonderful. My day will be spent doing a little cleaning, ironing and cooking some dinner.

Not exactly a great way to spend my day but my morning was nice, talking with the woman in my life between flu remedies and coffee. She mentioned buying something for me. Jewellery I believe, I was never one for jewellery but why not? It’s a gift. She has good taste.

Now I’m just wondering what it is I have to do next. I’m feeling laziness: re-wash my trousers and hang them wet so the creases fall out. It’s lazy but the reduction in effort is worth while. I’m mostly looking forward to a good dinner. 

It’s always nice when you have a day off, makes the week shorter and gives you more energy for the weekend. I hate it when you get to Friday or Saturday morning and you’re burned out. What’s the point of working all week if you can’t enjoy your weekend?


Google maps has me seeing ghosts.

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I recently used google maps to digitally tour a Finnish town, get an idea of where I will be going. To be polite you usually offer up a similar tour to the other party. As I looked down me street I saw him. My friend, the one I lost a while back. Google maps has me seeing ghosts. My neighbours curtains indicate that the photo is in the correct time frame. His hair is correct, he is wearing his hoodie and the only other person close to his description didn’t come to my house until at least a year after we stopped talking. 

It’s a really odd feeling, seeing him again. I saved the picture out of sentiment I think. I’m not sure how I feel now. Just a little sad, we all lose people that matter to us. Rarely do we expect them to show up on google maps to haunt us.


And I’ve got the flu.

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I really don’t need this…

Check. Mate.

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Firstly I have to give special mention to my sibling. She’s hard headed and quicker to anger than I am. I’m quite proud of her actually. I expected her to lose her temper and end up dismissed. I also forgot to mention I work with my sister…

Basically I armed her with the law and we went over it all before hand but for some reason my sister was dragged in alone on the pretext that she was some kind of ring leader. She denied that, stated what we had spoken about and basically they outlined the companies policy on whistle blowing.

This isn’t the government so I don’t have to fear assassination. They may as well have raised a white flag. They’re protecting themselves on the pretext that my sister is afraid of losing her job. She isn’t. After they realised this they had no choice but to capitulate seeing as they’re moving against the law.

In short the whole thing is getting cancelled. My sister affected the work place and the managers on the floor are on her side because nobody wants to stay that late. It’s unreasonable and we are unable to do so, for the most part at least. Three of my colleagues left over it.

Everything came together quite nicely. Almost like chess. The pawns went forth and we lost a few by their own choice. All the knights, rooks and bishops did their part. Then the queen forced their King into a checkmate. I can’t take all the credit. A thank you to those who write the legislation that stops us from being abused by our employers.

I’m very proud of my baby sister for acting as the queen in this game. It was strange to watch as what I had set in place unfolded. I can only liken it to flicking back and forth between channels watching two shows at once. Like watching the first domino fall safe in the knowledge that the rest will follow it.

It went better than I expected. Knowledge is power I suppose.