There was an interesting vote at work today on the issue of our employment. Some are self employed and others like myself are on contract. To you Americans this probably seems stupid but I honestly can’t be asked with the hassle of my own tax.

Or I couldn’t. I’ve done some reading and now understand my taxes well and understand deductions. I understand deductions quite well. It is more work but at the end of the day I will be the beneficiary of that work unless I decided to hire an accountant.

I’m wary of the taxman. I don’t like HMRC much because I’ve experienced a lot of fuckery as a result of their mistakes. I’ll make sure I make no mistakes on my side. Looks like I’ll be paying 20% after my personal allowance. It looks doable from my perspective. 

I just need to see what I can deduct. I have a few ideas already. It’s kinda funny how I was against it and now I’m thinking of what I can deduct from my taxes. I’ve decided I don’t care anymore. If it comes to paying my own tax I’ll have a plan. I’ve already got three quarters of a plan.

I’ll find out tomorrow either way. Employment is getting interesting. I just want to get paid already. I promise I’ll stop talking about work now.



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