I was just waiting for my dinner.

It’s weird that my first wage has yet to come in and I can waste £30 like I did yesterday. Well it was more like £50 but it went on dinner and drinks. It didn’t damage my bank balance too much. Usually by now I’d be looking for an omen that indicated I’ll be paid soon.  

I smoked a lot this weekend and drank quite a bit but it has been an enjoyable weekend. It isn’t productive or at all clever but that is how I choose to spend my time and it hasn’t thrown me into debt. Not such a bad thing.

I can’t say I’ve ever ended a week with unspent money so this is nice. I can go to work Monday without worrying whether getting a lunch on Monday will put me in the minus. I’m killing it at work doing better than anyone else expected.

It should mean that I’ll make great figures. Growing company with a chance to progress. I can’t complain really. I’d love it if my dinner was done. I spent half the morning on a personal call while ironing. I still fucking hate ironing.

Her mother specialises in this area so naturally she learned from her mother. We agreed that if she does the laundry I’ll cook unless she wants to make something particularly Finnish. Reindeer is good but I have yet to try a steak of reindeer or elk for that matter.

Things seem to be working out quite well. I’m trying beef tenderised using Coca Cola. It’s very soft while maintaining something of a bite.

– Misanthropist 


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