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A while ago I spoke about changing my style and standard of dress. Now this is less of a choice. I need a suit. I’m just trying to reconcile with the fact that I’ll now earn more than my own mother. At the same time I’m not going to make the same mistake my father did of living above his means. I have to use my money wisely. 

There are wants and needs, I also need to balance whether investments are worthwhile, like a car. It’s a depreciating asset… I could travel but public transport instead saving a lot more money or I could walk because my work is only a few miles away. The would save me another £80 a month.

Basically there’s no point getting a car, motorcycle maybe? All the women in my life would freak out at once from my mother to my current to my ex. Another thing is my smoking habit. I’ve curbed my drinking and marijuana intake but my smoking is still an inconvenient habit.

Again, work to the rescue. My colleagues are all sharp in one way or another. I have one guy importing very expensive ecigaretes directly from the company at trader rates and another making e-liquids and selling them to friends at a discount. Smoking just got cheaper. 

It’s an investment because I will save hundreds per annum but it’s a risk due the unregulated nature of the product, I now view it as I would every other street drug because of that. I acknowledge the risks and I may endeavour to make the liquids myself so I know their chemical composition.

Just because it’s been offered free I might take the iPhone 6s and smack my work target so I get that free iPad Air 2. Incentives are great  and did I mention I can work out of hours? My money making potential is £50,000 a year if it’s there. Realistically if I keep this job I could move out in 6 months.

That said my own mother has been looking after me since I was dangling from her tits and shitting myself so I think it’s time to give something back. And remember children just because I can hit 50k doesn’t mean I will, it would take a lot of work to hit that figure. 35-40k is more realistic.

Still I make more than anyone I know right now so that’s nice. I’ll keep that to myself. It’s weird that I also work with my sister. Not directly but yeah we go to work together. It’s nice to have someone you can confer with in the workplace. She doesn’t annoy me as much as I’d previously thought she would.

I definitely need clothing and when I get paid I’m taking my friend to dinner. We’ll have some drinks and sushi maybe. I think I’ll just take him shopping with me. I’m currently fighting his case to get him to a solicitor and I think they’ll take it. I’m hoping I can get him paid so he can purchase the things necessary for making his music. 

He’s a good man who has been through some hard times. He lives with me as a result of the fuckery caused by the place he used to live. His case may even turn to scores of cases. The place was a joke and I personally would like to take a piece of them.



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