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There was an interesting vote at work today on the issue of our employment. Some are self employed and others like myself are on contract. To you Americans this probably seems stupid but I honestly can’t be asked with the hassle of my own tax.

Or I couldn’t. I’ve done some reading and now understand my taxes well and understand deductions. I understand deductions quite well. It is more work but at the end of the day I will be the beneficiary of that work unless I decided to hire an accountant.

I’m wary of the taxman. I don’t like HMRC much because I’ve experienced a lot of fuckery as a result of their mistakes. I’ll make sure I make no mistakes on my side. Looks like I’ll be paying 20% after my personal allowance. It looks doable from my perspective. 

I just need to see what I can deduct. I have a few ideas already. It’s kinda funny how I was against it and now I’m thinking of what I can deduct from my taxes. I’ve decided I don’t care anymore. If it comes to paying my own tax I’ll have a plan. I’ve already got three quarters of a plan.

I’ll find out tomorrow either way. Employment is getting interesting. I just want to get paid already. I promise I’ll stop talking about work now.




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I’m doing pretty well at the job. I’ve even managed to get that client we lost back on board by apologising for the conduct of the solicitor on our behalf and following up with a ‘hey, how are you?’ Courtesy call. She had been injured. It was appreciated and even brought me more information to give to the other firm. Her case has become rather solid.

I’m quite pleased about that. My boss is happy with me because I’m out performing 80% of my colleagues on my first month. I’m quite pleased with myself. Good times. I’m hoping the bank speaks for itself at the end of the month.  Which brings me to my next post. It could have been two but the next subject needs its own post entirely. 


And if it isn’t one idiot it’s another.

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Another idiot, only this time he has a law degree. Now to preface this post: you know the procedure. I won’t name people or institutions involved. Also I’d like to say that partially I understand why they wouldn’t take the case. Risk. Risk that they would lose and have to pay fee. With the circumstances surrounding the case I’m sure they could have won. We work with so many different law firms that we could have just passed her to another had the lawyer not been rude to a 70 year old woman…

The client herself was sharp as a tack and rather well educated. She had been a pleasure to speak too. She even knew how to use a computer which surprised me considering her age, she was what is known as a silver surfer. Her case was pretty clear cut to me. I saw no reason she couldn’t win, even if there had been doubts on one side, the sheer amount of people who had experienced the same thing would have counted towards the case our lawyers were making.

She worked at a hospital, the same hospital she would end up falling down in as a result of the flooring being slippery. By her own account patients and staff had both been injured as a result of this flooring. Now to me it would make sense to spend about £2000 paying out for the flooring to be changed rather than endangering patients and staff by pretending it wasn’t an issue.

In our initial conversation she had told me that a payout wasn’t what she wanted, she wanted the recognition and she wanted something done to ensure the safety of staff and post ops/ patients going back and forth in the hospital. That is a goal I emphasised with. How are you going to continue on in negligence if it has been made clear to you on numerous occasions?

I had wanted to be a doctor, if I had worked in a place like this I think I would have spat the pacifier over this even if it meant losing my job in this particular hospital. I personally believe this is a gross negligence on the part of the hospital in question. Especially after your elderly patient who came in for an unrelated operation then fell in the same corridor and shattered her hip requiring her to need another surgery.

The hospital were aware of numerous cases. Yet nothing had been done. Shut the corridor for a day or two in order to prevent the possible deaths on patients. I’m sure there is another entrance that can be used, or maybe carry the work out at night. If none of this is achievable then lay something over it that has grip. An even cheaper option would be to stop buffering the damn floor to the point it’s like an ice rink.

Shiny floors are nice right? I hear claret adds to the shine. Everything was in order, all information was gathered and when the lawyer was doubting the case from a business point of view I thought ‘No worries, I’ll explain to her myself what’s happened and then I will resource her to another firm that isn’t maned by complete pussies unwilling to take a risk for a greater good.’

That’s when the lawyer was rude to her… Now maybe it’s just me, even as a seasoned Misanthropist, I am usually never rude to old people. Manners and conduct is important to those people and this woman isn’t senile. She was able to describe her injuries to me with all the detail of a fully qualified MD. She had won my respect quite early on.

I called back after the lawyer had finished and by that point, because of his bad attitude we had lost her. She said she would call me if she decided to go ahead and I could not sway her. All because of a damn idiot with a law degree. When he rejected her case it wasn’t as a lawyer it was as a businessman. I can respect that to some degree but listen to her and don’t be rude, her next words could be the arrow you need to hit bullseye.

As far as I’m concerned we’ve lost her but I hope that she continues with another lawyer who will take a risk and will win the case for her because I don’t want to look through the paper and hear that she or someone else had died as a result of that unsafe flooring.

I was rather pissed off at that lawyer and basically I’ll bite my own tongue off before I send another client toward that firm.



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I’ve been speaking with a client today, well no more like over the course of a week regarding an accident he had. This one is a pretty bad one 70mph collision with a barrier due to break failure. He’s been very hard to get ahold of until yesterday. 

Today in the final part of the process on the phone to a lawyer he fucked up, in a single sentence, everything I had done to try to help him get the matter resolved. That sentence was ‘I have no injuries, minor or otherwise.’

First thing before I explain the rest of this case redacting names of both the company and individuals involved I must first express this sentiment ‘Who in the fuck hits a barrier going 70 and doesn’t have at least a minor injury?’ The thing is the company said he needed this part fitted and it was their part that caused this collision…

X’s breaks were fitted by a company who carries out thousands of this type of repair per day. He left their garage with squealing breaks and returned to have that checked out, the company told him they were repaired and he could go on his way.

Then a day later his breaks caught fire during a journey on a major motorway. He then, dissatisfied with the previous results, attended  an independent garage who advised him that his calipers had over heated. He then continued to use to vehicle after everything had been checked and cleaned, this resulting in his crash.

We established that he could take that company to court over it but we would have one of our solicitors look it over to do a last check before it goes to court which then wasted a week of investigative work and my own time. Everything was there and all he had to do was say he had incurred some sort of injury as a result of the accident, something he had told me during our initial contact.

I really wanted to help him considering the company had denied liability and this same fuck up could have resulted in X’s death. Companies need to be held accountable for these kinds of mistakes. They almost were had this man not fucked up during the call with the lawyer.

This man just wasted my time and made us look like idiots to our lawyers… 

I want to injure this one personally, there goes justice.



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Her enthusiasm for existence was infectious, even across a blury Skype connection.

I was just waiting for my dinner.

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It’s weird that my first wage has yet to come in and I can waste £30 like I did yesterday. Well it was more like £50 but it went on dinner and drinks. It didn’t damage my bank balance too much. Usually by now I’d be looking for an omen that indicated I’ll be paid soon.  

I smoked a lot this weekend and drank quite a bit but it has been an enjoyable weekend. It isn’t productive or at all clever but that is how I choose to spend my time and it hasn’t thrown me into debt. Not such a bad thing.

I can’t say I’ve ever ended a week with unspent money so this is nice. I can go to work Monday without worrying whether getting a lunch on Monday will put me in the minus. I’m killing it at work doing better than anyone else expected.

It should mean that I’ll make great figures. Growing company with a chance to progress. I can’t complain really. I’d love it if my dinner was done. I spent half the morning on a personal call while ironing. I still fucking hate ironing.

Her mother specialises in this area so naturally she learned from her mother. We agreed that if she does the laundry I’ll cook unless she wants to make something particularly Finnish. Reindeer is good but I have yet to try a steak of reindeer or elk for that matter.

Things seem to be working out quite well. I’m trying beef tenderised using Coca Cola. It’s very soft while maintaining something of a bite.

– Misanthropist 

Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day. I didn’t think I would be doing anything for it this year. I half assed it once and although I got her a gift she loved the effort mattered more so. This year I decided to cover all bases as best I could with very little money, the result was good. I spent some time with a woman I’ve grown to have a lot of love for. I also found a cool picture.

Even if you hate most people you have to love at least one or two of them.