Update on the work experience situation. 

Remember what I told you about life being chaotic for me? 

I went to attend my first day of the work experience as directed. Unfortunately I am unable to attend this work experience due to an issue with my attire. I regret the opportunity to record my experience.

I never explained the reasoning for my initial rejection of the offer. First and foremost is that I dislike the idea of working for nothing, I have experience in other areas so this was not absolutely necessary for me. Call me Servus, right? 

The second is this. I gained some festive weight. Shit happens. My trousers didn’t fit me. Any of them. Smart dress was a requirement and she was informed of this beforehand. She suggested that I ‘Find a pair.’ 

We put a lot into our Christmas so January is always tight. I couldn’t borrow money from home. I still don’t know anyone here, honestly I don’t care to at this point. Anyone I did know couldn’t lend me money. We don’t live in Chelsea.

Despite all this she sent me anyway, I attended. They rejected me. I was naturally wondering if I’d be punished for a combination of poverty and weight gain. Who has money 4 days before payday anyway? Nobody I know, that’s quite sad in itself.

I wasn’t punished and managed to send an email which kinda checkmated her if she did decide to punish me. I spoke with a few representatives in advance telling them I didn’t have the required clothing. 

So basically I covered my ass, even went there a day early to discuss with a manager who was unfortunately in the hospital. Notice the difference? I’m not a monster. She didn’t sanction me in the end which was a relief.

However no silver lining is without some degree of fuckery. As a guesture of good will I mentioned that I was always willing to attend the work experience which is true because I had began to see a possible benefit. I’d rather do something that has solid results. Like, you know, get an actual job.

She decided to put me on another that lasts four weeks. It could start any time in the next fifteen days. That occupies a fare portion of my money that, they say, should be reimbursed. Receipts for everything will be retained, even for lunch. I will get my money back. 

Hopefully it won’t be so important because the job I’m looking at currently is in clinical setting. I have to apply to it tomorrow. I can’t wait to be rid of the job centre forever. As its January and they’re hiring around my pay date I’m going to be doing everything humanly possible to find a job.

Maybe you’ll still get those posts. Either way, if I can’t find a job soon the placement is unavoidable…

Wish me luck…



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