See I found this dag…

I came home from a largely fruitless visit to the job centre and found a dog in my neighbours garden. Little under a year old and shivering in the cold, we had a very cold night before so he must have been freezing. We coaxed the beast into my house with ham. It took a good twenty minutes to get him to trust us enough.

We got him in, made a fuss of him and tried to feed him, warm him and calm him down. After we were successful in doing so I ventured out to look for someone searching for their lost animal. I found nobody, no signs, not a trace of anyone looking for him. I had a feeling I had seen him before though.

I went around asking, now I’m careful about this because of people using them for baiting, I eventually found he had been running around all morning and nobody had bothered grabbing him. My other neighbour mentioned that she thought she saw a dog the night before but was ultimately unsure and therefore didn’t bother to investigate further.

I had a vague memory of seeing the hound before but I couldn’t place where. When I finally got it down and discovered where the potential owner lived, I was greeted at the door by a barking dog meaning I was wrong. To my credit their dog is almost identical to the one I found.

The dog was a mixture of Staffordshire bull-terrier. Very well behaved for such a young dog. Probably only half trained. He was also spayed and I thought I felt a microchip. I though he was owned considering all that. We ended up keeping him all night much to chagrin of my cats. In the morning I would endeavour to track down the owner or at least find out where the beast came from.

The dog in himself was very well behaved and a pleasure to host. I’m the morning I wondered about calling a shelter but I’d rather not get him killed by trying to help him find his home. I instead opted to take him to the vet and have his microchip or assumed microchip scanned. I ended up being correct. The plot thickens however.

He had been rehomed and the original owner was aware he had gone missing, meaning his owners were looking for him. A good sign. We had considered keeping him if nobody came forward. His presence made me realise that I missed having canine company.

Due to the data protection act no information on the owners was given to us but the local authority (who did something right for once) came to collect him and assured us he would be reunited with his owner and if not they could re-home him and they never put a healthy animal to sleep. This little fucker was beyond healthy.

We offered to take him if nobody collected him, I have a feeling they’re looking for their dog and are going to be happy to hear that their dog is available for pick up. I did a little Ace Ventura. Kept my mind off the job centre thing.



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