On the atrocities in France and social media.

Thinking about it, I can’t be the only person on earth who is annoyed by the whole Facebook flag, hashtag solidarity thing. My argument against it is two fold. Sounds like a stupid thing to be annoyed by doesn’t it? 

Here is why I feel this way:

Firstly, the whole putting the France filter on your profile picture to show solidarity with the people and victims in France is okay. How do you automate solidarity? Facebook found a way. It’s a simple as a click, it even comes up on your news feed. You’re given an option to change your profile picture without prompting. 

To me, a gesture such as this is nice but doesn’t contribute to solving or even adequately addressing the issue at hand. Not only that but if you’re going to make a gesture of solidarity, do it spontaneously. Make the effort, be thoughtful and creative… Not just clicking a button on Facebook. It seems half assed and half hearted. Have some tact and some class.

The second thing is that I don’t believe I should change any aspect of my daily life because of the actions of a terrorist. This might be the first time that ‘keep calm and carry on’ has made sense to me. As I mentioned there are other ways to show respect and solidarity to the victims, survivors and people of France. As stupid and petty as changing your profile picture is, personally, I do not want to give a terrorist. A coward. any of my time.

They do not deserve the recognition unless it’s being tagged as the target of a 500lb laser guided bomb. I know violence is not the answer and will only perpetuate the cycle but I am left to wonder. When do people lose the right to continue to walk the earths surface?

It’s sad that this problem cannot be bombed. It’s an idea and ideas cannot be killed. We are in for a long fight. I also extend my sympathies to the average Muslim who will no doubt suffer as a result of the events in Paris. I can only hope we are smart enough to avoid perpetuating the cycle, although I’m sure this will happen again.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité.



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