It’s been a while.

I haven’t wrote in a while, I’ve been busy with the whole organising my life. I got so into it that I completed everything on my list. I have to wait for the next lot of objectives to roll out. I’m feeling better in myself and such. I hate to admit it but with my ex far gone I’m feeling less stressed than I have in a long time.

With everything I can possibly do already done all I have left is the long term objectives. I can only work toward those slowly. Where I went to task and burned through everything so quickly I am noticing the loneliness setting in. I’m compelled to meet people for what is probably the first time in my life. It’s a strange feeling.
Must mean I’m over her. Now I have to be honest and give an honourable mention to my ex fiancée. We broke up and it hurt but she’s remained a good friend to me. I can always vent to her and do the same for her. I have to thank her for that. I know she still reads this because she let it slip during a conversation previous.

I’ve met a few new people but we just chat, nice girls actually. One is going through a rough time and I’m using my misanthropic cynical super powers to guide her in a direction that is beneficial to her. She’s interested in some dude who is cold I personally think is a douche. Let’s see if he surprises me. For what little I’ve known of her she seems like a nice woman in a bad place. I hope her father pulls through, he’s sick.

Then there’s the other, this is one interesting woman. She’s an engineer, clever, funny, well educated and has a way with words. I’m actually quite attracted to this one. I have no idea where it will go but she likes me, I have yet to see how much. I could talk to this woman for hours and it amazes me that she doesn’t have more guys chasing her. Seems like a catch. Let’s see where this goes.

I’m slowly becoming more social. I’m stuck in London now and my ex is a myth so I might as well make the most of it. Funny that even now my bed still feels empty. I guess I could look at it as another problem to be solved. It just isn’t that simple though. Sure I could send a few messages and go get laid but yeah that’s not what I want. I’m after something more than a casual fuck.

I’m beginning to notice how bored I am, everything I was doing project wise has also ground to a halt for various reasons. I’ll just have to wait it out. Day by day it seems I have less and less to do until I am left with my own thoughts. I’m really starting to hate that.

That’s an update I think…



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