I wasn’t aware I was head chef…

A little early today I know but I’m waiting on food, the purpose of this post. It’s the end of the month, that wonderful period of first world poverty before the wages come in and go out again; paying all manner of bills.

In this specific incidence I’ve had to be creative with what’s in the fridge in order to provide everyone with an adequate meal. It turns out I’m now cooking three different meals, Thai sweet chilli chicken with rice, an alteration of the previous meal to suit tastes. 

For me it’s chicken teriyaki. It’s been such a long time that I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. It’s hard to enjoy cooking like I used too when I’m doing it almost every day. Sometimes I don’t even want to see food by the time I’m finished. At least I’m losing a few.

I miss when cooking was fun.



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