So in my last post I spoke of organisation, it’s been a long time coming and it is finally taking shape…

I’ve always loved mind maps, my history teacher introduced my class to the idea and since they have been a valuable tool. My intricate mind map is instrumental in the effort to organise the cluster fuck I call my life. So far having it all mapped and linked is working wonders.

The second tool is what I like to call ‘The Wall.’ On the inside of my wardrobe door I have a collection of sticky notes each with a task that must be completed. There are two main rules of the wall. The first is that you strike through whatever task is completed. The second rule is that if a sticky note falls off the wall it has been there too long.

The third tool is more of an experiment to gather data in order to spend my money on priorities and with a degree of awareness. I’m listing my expenses over the course of two months. Two because November to December has a holiday with abnormal spending. It’s a data gathering excercise. I will enter it in budget and adjust my spending accordingly.

All together I’m hoping these things will help lead to an over all improvement in my quality of life. Here’s to hoping!



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