Another public service announcement.

Sexual health is something I take very seriously. I love sex as much as anyone else. There’s nasty sex, sweaty sex, deviant sex and all kinds of sex. The important thing is that if you plan on sticking your cock in questionable crevasses, or receiving a questionable import, you should get checked. I did, I make a point of doing so. Getting an STD sucks but being responsible for screwing up someone else’s life sucks more.

Get tested, it’s important. Unfortunately my reply didn’t go through.

-Alpha Misanthropist.


2 Responses to “Another public service announcement.”

  1. This is such a great post and so important to encourage people to get checked. Many people think getting checked is a sign of promiscuity so it’s great to see that you’re trying to change this attitude. We’re trying to do the same thing with ours and would love it if you could check it out!
    L x

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