I’m sick.

This is a pretty rare occurrence, took me by surprise actually. On a normal day I can (and have) spent 8hrs in a room with a friend who contracted swine flu. Managed to avoid catching it somehow, he had been to the hospital for it so as you can imagine it was quite severe.

Sickness is a part of life, it sucks but  your body usually gains from it in immunity. Other than that sickness sucks. When my mother realises we are sick with a cold or flu she will come at us with her citrine potion. It’s an old remedy, I’m not sure how old to be honest. This is what it contains:

Sliced oranges and lemons mixed with whiskey, honey and 7up/Sprite. I suspect the Sprite may replace some older ingredient. Simmer this for a while and drink it hot.

This citrus potion my mother forced on me as a child seems to work quite well. Then it’s time for another thing my ex fiancée would push on me. Ramen or chicken noodle soup. Honestly it’s about the only thing I can eat right now without wrecking my throat.

So my plans are to lie around with man flu complaining about said man flu and trying to find ways to abate this horrible flu. At least today I’ll have a day off my usual duties which is always nice.

Maybe I’ll write some, doesn’t look like I’m going anywhere for a few days.



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