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A sudden realisation.

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Today has been pretty boring. All tasks completed ahead of ahead of schedule. Everything is in order and ready for execution; no particular problems that need my attention. I’ve had a lot of time to think about nothing while doing nothing simultaneously.

I realised that for someone who has wandered around the world, deserts, mountains, cities etc. I don’t know much of my own back yard. I feel like I could quite easily make my way around a foreign land but here I feel like I need a tour guide.

I feel like a tourist, I don’t know the area, I don’t know the people. It’s strange really. I’ve never much felt at home here in England and I’ve always wondered why that is. That feeling was worsened by travel. Let’s face it I didn’t exactly have a package holiday.

Experiencing other cultures, other ways of living, has made some facets of my own seem pointless. I ended up learning and absorbing a lot. I honestly need to find someone who knows London better than I do. Someone who can show me any points of interest.



I wasn’t aware I was head chef…

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A little early today I know but I’m waiting on food, the purpose of this post. It’s the end of the month, that wonderful period of first world poverty before the wages come in and go out again; paying all manner of bills.

In this specific incidence I’ve had to be creative with what’s in the fridge in order to provide everyone with an adequate meal. It turns out I’m now cooking three different meals, Thai sweet chilli chicken with rice, an alteration of the previous meal to suit tastes. 

For me it’s chicken teriyaki. It’s been such a long time that I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. It’s hard to enjoy cooking like I used too when I’m doing it almost every day. Sometimes I don’t even want to see food by the time I’m finished. At least I’m losing a few.

I miss when cooking was fun.



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Another day has passed and everything is still crystalline. I’m not even sure why this started but it’s there and this sudden drive doesn’t seem to be going away. I’m very much aware of my situation. I’ve been looking into all sorts of aspects of my life and making changes. 

These changes can be as little as a black coffee in the morning or something like new clothes. I feel the need to sort, categorise and reshuffle everything, which is probably something to do with awareness of my day to day life. From my financial situation to short/long term goals.

I suddenly feel the need to have this all arranged around my mind like some sort of mental H.U.D. It’s really weird how this came on all of a sudden. Everything is pretty much in order other than the data on my spending for the budget. 

I find myself smiling and maybe even happy for the first time in a long time. It’s a beautiful night, it’s raining outside. Rain is such a nice sound. In have everything done, job applications sent, showering and grooming, clothes for the morning. 

I’m basically done for the day and for the first time in a long time I’m not bored. I have time to write and I’m just relaxing. I have one or two ideas bouncing around but nothing I have to pay too much attention too right now. 

I am leaning towards taking steps to remedy my perpetual boredom. Nothing major just a nice day out. I have it all completely organised. All that’s left is paying and going. Me and my cohort may even have a plus one, ex colleague and a good friend of ours.

It seems presenting an organised plan made it an attractive prospect. Even if he flakes we will continue as planned. All this has reminded me I need to plan another trip to see an old friend…

Nothing is perfect but everything is okay. A side note, black coffee is life.



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Never wanted it, always complained about it. Hate it even more so than ever. 

If you’ve been with me for some time you may remember me complaining how my ex fianc√©e went about coercing a drunk, younger, me into getting a Facebook. Or rather just setting it up for me…

There was a time when I was quite active on Facebook, when it was a tool which was useful to me. It allowed me to converse with my friends in America and more recently the ones in Brazil.

Of late I’ve not had much contact from any of the individuals I met during my travels. Friendships are ephemeral after all I guess. No me importa nada mas. It isn’t an issue, just that now I have no further use for Facebook. 

I’ll keep it as an alternative avenue of contact but I have no real use for it anymore. Half of the crap on there is click bait or politics. It’s just boring and I’m really growing to hate it with a passion. I still wish I had been firmer with my first answer which was, for the record, No.


XFM-Radio X

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Maybe I’m getting old, here I am complaining about a radio station and changes made to it. Recently my favourite radio station, XFM, changed to radio X. Now, don’t mistake me for someone who generally dislikes change because that is not the case. I dislike change when it’s for the worst and ruins my favourite radio station.

It used to be the best radio station on air, to be realistic it suffered problems with repetition but the hosts in the morning were great entertainment. Weird little segments, great interaction in the form of pranking those who wake up at 7 with believably hilarious fake news stories. 

In short I’ve never laughed so much in the morning and the interactions between the hosts made it even better. It’s kind of sad to see what it has become. I’ve heard a few new tracks since the change but my main issue is that they’ve gotten in new and shitty hosts. Secondly they’ve put the best hosts on late night now.

I don’t get to laugh in the morning anymore, it was a nice way to wake up and a part of my morning routine for years. I’ll miss it a lot. I’m starting to wonder if the new incarnation of the station is an embodiment or reflection of the ‘lad culture’ I so deeply despise. 

Either way I find myself barely listening now, scrolling through the news on my phone. Trust life to go fuck up a good thing. I am displeased to say the least. I’m pretty sure radio is dead to me.


A presentation of sorts.

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This will only be a short one.

 Recently seeing the financial benefit of switching to the ecig I’m going to try to turn my family onto the idea so that we can save money collectively. I’ll have to give a presentation of sorts. Arguments for, estimates, the math, health benefits etc. This is another thing I’ve been working on tonight. I have to get this done before pay day, if I’m successful we will benefit as a whole. 

Now I can’t post this without  giving credit where credit is due. My ex always spoke about how if she wanted something as a child she would give a presentation of sorts regarding whatever it was she wanted and why she would have it. Maybe she should have been a lawyer. I’m not sure if this is a rich kid thing? Either way I figure it is worth a shot.

So I’m basically giving a presentation. Wish me luck.



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So in my last post I spoke of organisation, it’s been a long time coming and it is finally taking shape…

I’ve always loved mind maps, my history teacher introduced my class to the idea and since they have been a valuable tool. My intricate mind map is instrumental in the effort to organise the cluster fuck I call my life. So far having it all mapped and linked is working wonders.

The second tool is what I like to call ‘The Wall.’ On the inside of my wardrobe door I have a collection of sticky notes each with a task that must be completed. There are two main rules of the wall. The first is that you strike through whatever task is completed. The second rule is that if a sticky note falls off the wall it has been there too long.

The third tool is more of an experiment to gather data in order to spend my money on priorities and with a degree of awareness. I’m listing my expenses over the course of two months. Two because November to December has a holiday with abnormal spending. It’s a data gathering excercise. I will enter it in budget and adjust my spending accordingly.

All together I’m hoping these things will help lead to an over all improvement in my quality of life. Here’s to hoping!