Some nice acquisitions

Recently I treated myself, bought myself a gift to myself. Since everything failed so spectacularly recently and I lost a person of great importance to me I’ve not had enough fucks to give about keeling over from smoking related illnesses. Anyway I treated myself, it’s good to do that once in a while.

So I got myself a zippo lighter with Venetian patterning on it. It’s good quality and patterned in a way that it’s not tacky. It looks similar to this one, except that patterning is only on the top right and bottom left, smaller and more detailed.

The other thing was a gift. Chromium cigarette case which again looks pretty classy. It’s similar to this with and engraving. The letters read ‘PMC’ pall mall cigarettes maybe?
If I’m going to smoke I may as well invest a little in it.  I’ve gained a few new perspectives as to my attire and effects. If I’m going to look good I’ll have to do it properly. The cigarette case was a cool gift but I have no excuse for the zippo. I’ve just always wanted one and it was good deal.



2 Responses to “Some nice acquisitions”

  1. I thought you got a new laptop! d’oh!

    • You keep saying that, are you aware of how much those things are? I’m struggling day to day to stay afloat, last thing on my mind is a laptop. Those things cost me nothing mate, I can’t bomb the money on a laptop because it means I’ll have zero money for an entire month. Food>laptop.

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