While I’ve got time to kill.

It has been a long while since I last wrote anything. I had to focus on feeling better and between that, the job hunt and conflict resolution I’ve been quite busy. I’d say I’m better now. I feel it but I’m still stuck here and I’ll be immobile until I have some money in my pocket.

Freedom is great until you don’t know what to do with it. I’ve expanded my game collection to give myself something better to do. At the same time I don’t want to waste the summer sun. Looks like we may have an Indian summer so I may as well make the most of it.

Hopefully winter will bring better things. I’ve also got a very small amount of savings now which is nice. I haven’t really been doing much but I did discover a decent restruant/bar without all the usual detritus that are present in the local night life.

I’m currently cooking. Killing time while I wait for dinner. I thought I’d write something as it has been such a long time, or seemed as though it has. I still have my friend living with me, he isn’t working at the moment because his job became ridiculous. To cut a long story short, I would have left too.

So here I am. Seems like I’ve fallen back down the ladder to exactly where I started but life is like that sometimes. You can only get up and try again. And so I shall. It’s a shame really because I liked her a lot but relationships aren’t everything. 

I’d be out chasing or at least looking for an interesting woman but I think I’ve got a little self improvement to do before I go after another woman. At this stage I just want to chill, no stress. No fighting. Just relax and be me. Once upon a time I was zen, why not go back to that?

It was a better way of living. I miss the female company but yeah at the moment I just want to have fun, smoke some weed and enjoy myself. It’s been six months since I last had a good night out or day even. The last night out was right on time.

Just letting you know I’m not dead.



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