Just Another Diamond Day.

Planning for my mother’s 50th birthday went quite well. I’ve spent a good two days partying. Drinking, being stoned, grilling food and just generally enjoying myself. The weather held up quite well. All in all id say it’s been good.

And another thing, after just taking out a contract on a cell phone I might be made unemployed. It might be a blessing in disguise honestly, I can’t see the company surviving many more years and the market for their product is quite tempestous. Either way I’ll know after my meeting on Monday.

Even if they don’t get rid of me I’ll be looking for other employment. The only thing is that my lack of money screws me for that important date weekend. Then again if my money is her primary concern then it’s probably better it doesn’t happen. There’s really a point where I can no longer muster the amount of fucks required to even be upset about it.

I’ve had enough knock backs in my life to take it all in my stride. Losses are losses whether human or financial. You just have to accept them. Tuesday will be just another diamond day. I say that as sarcastically as possible. I can’t wait to turn our little meeting into a suggestion box to get the company moving on sorting out the health, safety and staffing issues.

I’m feeling to go on the offensive here, lose my job and just go looking for another. I’ve worked hard for no reward above my miserably low pay and not even a thank you. Three quarters of the staff are pissed off and looking for other employment. As for the final quarter, they are considered irreplaceable which is false but a glass ceiling combined with their age means they will want to stay where they are.

Poor paycheck, idiot management and a lack of opportunity for advancement or innovation leads me to the point where I want to leave. I have been wanting to write for some time but things have been busy and stressful hence my bringing you this post at this late hour.

Other than my work and personal relationships being rather hair-trigger I am okay. What do you do when your girlfriend leaves, your best friend dies and you’re on the verge of losing your job? You simply cease to give a damn. Everything else outside of myself suddenly lacks relevance. The recent fiasco at work has my misanthropy at an all time high.



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