Practice makes perfect

Ive got a date coming up in the next few months. Usually I wouldn’t be so concerned about impressing someone but this is important. Usually a date would be effortless for me, I’m the kind of person that plans nothing but somehow manages to keep a woman entertained. I know, it’s a gift.

I have no real experience of organising anything, i wouldn’t call it organised chaos but it’s definitely chaos with a general direction. I thought this would be the time to practice my organisation. I have three birthdays coming up. I’ve already scored one success out of three. I’m giving myself practice on the run up to this date basically.

Round one was casual, my sister is easily pleased really. Organising a 50th birthday for my mother is going to be tricker. At least this time I have longer to plan. The next test will be more specific to an individual so slightly more difficult in some ways. I’m hoping this gives me the practice to plan effectively. 

All that said I don’t want to lose spontaneity. No point of holding any plan so close that you’re screwed if anything goes wrong. Always have a back up plan. I’m hoping the practice helps aside all the research I’ve been doing. It must seem weird for me to give a damn all of a sudden. 

It’s just something I have to see the result of. Some might call it unfinished business.



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