I spent the last weekend planning and executing a small birthday party for my sibling. Getting gifts, decorations, a DIY cake, alcohol and everything else necessary for this sort of thing. Managed to get it done all in 12 hrs and it wasn’t to bad in terms of stress or fuckery.

The night beforehand was somewhat heavy, it being a Friday night and all. I got up slightly hungover, pulled myself together, had a coffee then a bath. We got out very early in the end. Shopping for gifts was relatively easy. Who puts a dream catcher down on their list? It’s not my list… 

Once the gifts were purchased we then had to go for food. Grabbed all the usual stuff for grilling out but then I found something slightly different. I personally thought a platter of ostrich, kangaroo, wagyu beef and crocodile would be something fun for the guests. It actually went better than I expected.

We then went to get the alcohol and cake from the supermarket. In the end we had to gather the alcohol from two different shops, not too bad but what annoyed me was that someone must have removed the cake from the conveyor because I had to go grab another one later. Wasn’t on the receipt so the only logical explanation is that some asshole moved it. 

I grabbed a beer and smoked a nice joint while setting up, my sister’s partner grabbed the decorations. Just lights and coloured Chinese lanterns. I’d post a picture but yeah I’m not ready for the world yet. I like my privacy. It all worked out quite well. Half the night was a haze of blunt smoke and various drinks. 

Ever tried pimms? With everything in it. It’s like a salad in a glass. Celery, strawberry and cucumber. Can’t say I’m a fan. Everyone enjoyed the strange meat platter, kangaroo was the most popular by consensus. Ostrich may be the driest meat I’ve ever tasted and crocodile is kinda tasteless. I expected more from wagyu beef too. Everyone enjoyed themselves, that’s the main thing.

It’s actually still going on, this is day 3. Im currently in the garden drinking a San Miguel while I write this. I’m sure this post would have been well written had I not been partying for two days straight. I’d say all in all it was a success. 



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