It’s going to be a hell of a month.

A hell of a poor one. 

First off my iPhone 4 craps out, for a week I was the proud owner of what was basically a brick. This prompted me to get the iPhone 5S on a contract. Devoting a small amount of my monthly income for a good deal. I did my research and at times it did pain me. 

I looked at the Samsung Galaxy S6 for a change. Everything was perfect until I noticed how badly the battery performed. The S5 I always thought to be a terrible phone so it wasn’t considered. The iPhone 6 seemed excessive and unnecessary but I didn’t like any of the predecessors to the S6 so I went with this one. I’m still quite impressed by the android OS actually.

The second thing is birthdays. Everyone current in my life seems to be born in July of all fucking months. Three in a row to be exact. It’s not particularly a problem but it is going to hurt my finances. I have arrangements I need to make. There’s an important date coming up in August that will change a lot. 

I need money. I’m looking to spend my month of poverty looking at restructuring my spending and keeping better records. Saving and general organisation, you know the drill. It’s definitely going to be a long summer. 

I guess now you’re all informed as to why nothing has been posted for a little while… That’s about it for this one then. I really didn’t see myself ending up with a new phone any time soon. I need a case for it. I’m in constant fear of dropping it.



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