Life building in progress… Insufficient funds.

The need for budgeting has never been more apparent. It’s Monday and I have nothing already. A summation of this weekend would sound something like: Wasted time and wasted money. On the plus side I’m an Xbox up and I’m owed £80 so later in the month I’ll have that coming in, likely in various payments of £20. 

In that way I’m not completely screwed. I’m okay for general living. Even when I have money left over and I have the disposable income there’s still little opportunity to save. None of this would be without admitting my lifestyle hasn’t helped my financial well being lately. I also have major and minor birthdays coming up.

Why is it that a huge majority of people who are most important to me are born in the summer months? It looks like I’ll have to make those cuts. It isn’t too bad. I save a considerable amount smoking the e-cigarette and I already have that. My new rule for drinking is if I drink as a part of a meal or day out that is fine but I’m not gonna drink if I’m sitting on my ass. 

Those small cutbacks should save me a shit load. But then even if I saved as much as possible I would still have minimal. I do need an alternative income, as I’ve previously mentioned. What will that be? I still don’t know but I could use extra funding. The cost of living here is a total drain. Dat taxation.  My only real solution is an alternative income or a better job? To be honest I like that free Monday. If I can use that time more productively to make my own money that would be great.

As you lot can see I don’t actually have a plan here. That’s why I called it life building. Looks like the post breakup bender is officially over. Now for the hangover. 



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  2. oh man moderating comments? got some spam? :3

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