Wrecked Again!


I’ve been meaning to post the last few days, Monday was an absolute haze. I was enjoying the weather with a beer and the sun baked me. By the evening I was absolutely wrecked, I’m not sure I could formulate a sentence let alone an entire post.

That was all made worse by the fact that people decided to leave the house for female hair related fuckery and nobody thought to take those wonderful pieces of metal which we use to open doors! They returned at gone midnight. Nobody needs to be up that late if they are tired and have work in the morning. 

Then to make this day even worse, I get a little soft under the haze of alcohol and cannabis and think that a nice friendly chat with the ex is a smart idea. That descended into a debate, she’s never been good at those. Especially when she’s on the backfoot, she decided she’d go. So there I am at 1.45am on the morning before work. Alone and thoroughly pissed off. 

(This came to mind.)
Lovely hangover I woke up with, self inflicted of course. I crawled into my work clothes after my coffee and cigarette. Proceeded to slam down an aspirin and roll a joint then I headed to work.

Due to my lack of anything to do my Mondays have become an extension of my weekend. 4 day weekends are not something I can complain about. I lead a charmed life, I know. I really need to use my Mondays more productively. 

I’d use this time to learn something but I find myself terminally disinterested in anything at this moment in time. On the other side of the free Mondays coin I seem to be the only person who doesn’t work on that day. There’s also the point that the only thing to do around here is the pub. 

I’ve been considering taking a day for some time but first I’d have to have money and secondly a plan. One thing that my ex never understood was my need for a plan. We don’t have the same mobility here as she does. Also in comparison to Brazil, the place I live in is rather dead. No carnival, no live music and the women/people in general aren’t as warm.

In England there are good times and bad times… But mostly shit times. Until I can figure out something to do looks like I’ll be wrecked again. 



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