Take a day…


I’ve been planning in doing so for some time as I mentioned in my previous post. The difference being that it is Wednesday instead of Monday. I woke up late this morning and by the time i would have finished my coffee and gotten ready I would have been late so why not.

Luckily for me, my workplace is one of few that accepts email in place of a phone call. I love that, not having to deal with anyone personally in case of my absence. Official reason: I’m sick. A few years of medical studies makes you great at listing symptoms. The unofficial reason (Read: Actual reason.) is that I can’t be bothered with work today, I have sick days and I’m being asked to babysit our two beasts for the day.

Why not? I get paid for the day and I can relax. Being as good as I am at the job I do means I’m heavily leaned upon and I’m starting to get a little burned out. I really needed this day. It seems I’ll be cleaning, probably cooking, getting high and enjoying the nice weather. 

The only two improvements I can think of right now are having more cash and female company. It’s a damn shame my favourite pain in the ass isn’t here. I’m sure she’d be happy to visit and so would I. I could probably get her to cook too, and no that isn’t some chauvinistic prickery. I just really like her cooking. 
So now, what to do besides get stoned, cook, clean, enjoy the sun and drink beer? Maybe see if the shitty nature of my job allows me access to free money. I can post some more but whatever I do I must win the battle against boredom. If I don’t I may as well have gone to work.

I have an entire day, let’s not waste such an opportunity. Sun is shining, beer is cold and the cannabis is of the highest quality. I really can’t complain. I may even experiment with cooking. We’ll see what comes about.




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