This could be useful to some of you. Ever met a girl, guy or whichever gender you happen to be attracted too, who has expressed an affinity for wine? (We at alpha Misanthropos do our best to be progressive in these rapidly changing times.) 

If that person isn’t a wine snob, let’s be honest if you blindfold a wine taster they won’t know the difference between a £5 bottle and a £50 bottle, bring along a bottle of Barefoot Ruby Moscato. Seriously 9/10 times you can’t go wrong with the stuff. It’s sweet, nice taste and women seem to love the stuff. I’m sure it’ll be greatly appreciated.

The consensus from the women I know who drink wine and live around the world is that this is good shit. Be it as a gift for a housewarming party or a bottle of ‘I think I like you.’ This is the stuff. I have literally never heard a complaint about it. 

Keep it in mind if you ever need to pick up a bottle of after dinner wine or something to keep you interested during their favourite movie that you absolutely cannot stand, it’s called:

Barefoot: Ruby Moscato.

You can thank me later.



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