Jurassic World or Movie Night

Seems I was wrong about the Diabolus Rex. The model was the same but the name was Indominus Rex which I think means untameable king. I prefer Diabolus myself but I’m not the director and yeah…

First off, as I expected, the turn out was pretty big with most of the cinema filled. A stark contrast from being two of the four people filling an entire screen room as with mad max. I didn’t think we would get the tickets for a moment. To begin I’d say that this didn’t feel like much of a Jurassic park movie. It was as if they’d taken all of the most popular elements of the previous movie and added them together. Other than the use of the name and signature beasts this really didn’t feel like a Jurassic park movie in the way that the previous three had.

Indominus Rex was an interesting idea, as a concept it just seemed like they had to go bigger, to wow the audience. The plot directly addressed that when speaking of Indominus’ conception. They needed something to impress visitors, an intelligent and aggressive animal, large, loud and scary. Basically they created a monster.

It became a little ridiculous when indominus was also spliced with cuttlefish DNA to fill in some gaps, accidentally giving it the ability to hide itself within the environment by changing it’s skin colour. Bear in mind that this thing is about the size of a tyrannosaur… See what I’m getting at?

The indominus Rex was entertaining to watch though ridiculous at times. Another thing that struck me was the lack of dinosaurs. Beyond the main attractions we know from the previous films I think I counted fewer species of dinosaur than ever before. There was the appearance of the marine dinosaur, I can’t actually remember the name but it plays a very small part in the film. 

I liked how they touched on ethics, with respect for the animals and the mention that what they were doing was never natural. Also the all to realistic asshole who sees the potential for military application in the velociraptors after seeing that a pack type bond had been built between them and the trainer.

The dinosaurs are a lot more intelligent this time around with communications between them. I thought that was kinda over the top even if the main attraction was part raptor. I also want to take a moment to ask wtf did they splice the flying dinosaurs with? Looked like a raptor’s head sewn onto a bat’s body… 

For me there were only two or three moments where it felt like a Jurassic park film and they were only because of direct references to the previous films.  All in all I’d say it wasn’t badly done at all but it just didn’t seem like a Jurassic Park film. That said I have a feeling it’ll do well in the box office but some people will be surprised by how little it seems to resemble a part of the series.  It was okay to watch. My friend wasn’t so impressed, falling asleep for give minutes during the movie. 

After Jurassic World we fell back into the Namco bar for drinks and I kinda broke into a mcshame. The drive through was open but they wouldn’t serve me even when I did my best automobile impression… So as they let a few people out I slipped in and got my burger. I had the munchies and was operating on some base level with the intent of getting food. 

Somewhere during that time I lost my friend, he must have thought I went home because he headed back himself leaving me to walk home at one AM eating a burger and smoking a cigarette. Got home eventually, then passed out. A pretty good night, and Jurassic World was enjoyable.  



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