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Back on the E-cigarette.

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I’m smoking my ecig again, no point in having spent money on the thing if I do not use it. Brought myself lime and coffee flavour liquids. Should last me the week and save me a large amount of money.  

The other thing is that I’m able to smoke it wherever I want within my work place. I can smoke and get my work done without interruption. Everybody wins.

Round three. Fight?



Life building in progress… Insufficient funds.

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The need for budgeting has never been more apparent. It’s Monday and I have nothing already. A summation of this weekend would sound something like: Wasted time and wasted money. On the plus side I’m an Xbox up and I’m owed £80 so later in the month I’ll have that coming in, likely in various payments of £20. 

In that way I’m not completely screwed. I’m okay for general living. Even when I have money left over and I have the disposable income there’s still little opportunity to save. None of this would be without admitting my lifestyle hasn’t helped my financial well being lately. I also have major and minor birthdays coming up.

Why is it that a huge majority of people who are most important to me are born in the summer months? It looks like I’ll have to make those cuts. It isn’t too bad. I save a considerable amount smoking the e-cigarette and I already have that. My new rule for drinking is if I drink as a part of a meal or day out that is fine but I’m not gonna drink if I’m sitting on my ass. 

Those small cutbacks should save me a shit load. But then even if I saved as much as possible I would still have minimal. I do need an alternative income, as I’ve previously mentioned. What will that be? I still don’t know but I could use extra funding. The cost of living here is a total drain. Dat taxation.  My only real solution is an alternative income or a better job? To be honest I like that free Monday. If I can use that time more productively to make my own money that would be great.

As you lot can see I don’t actually have a plan here. That’s why I called it life building. Looks like the post breakup bender is officially over. Now for the hangover. 


Happy Father’s Day, Mum.

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Yesterday, as a gesture of my appreciation, I though I’d do something nice for my mother. After carrying me for nine months and the 18 years after that I think she might deserve some recognition. I used the last of my funds to buy her a bottle of her favourite wine. I was going to grab a card and cross out the word father but I thought it was too much. It was well received nonetheless. 

See, I can do nice things…


It’s too early for this shit.

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Monday has rolled around again, this time I am poverty so I doubt I’ll be getting smashed. I’m dipping into the emergency marijuana deposit. It’s going to be a long and dry week. 

Another thing , I wish people would stop mixing the damn pills up. I took an anti-acid last night then what I thought was an ibuprofen. Wasn’t until I started to feel spaced I realised I’d slammed down 50mg of tramadol for a headache… Probably why I feel like death this morning.

I am awake way too early for this shit or any shit. Even work. I was surprised to see some correspondence from my wonderful ex girlfriend requesting my presence for whatever reason. Usually I’d be disinclined to aquiesce to her request but on this morning I’m feeling particularly warm and fuzzy. Must be the tramadol.

I asked her to wait while I had a coffee and a cigarette. Until the ritual is complete I’m not functional or even a human being. I get finished around about 10-15 minutes after only to find she had passed out. So I’m here, it’s almost 9am and I have shit all to do. It’s too early to start cleaning but too late for me to go back to sleep. What do I even?

Today is going to be boring as hell. I was thinking about watching that new ‘through the wormhole’ series narrated by Morgan Freeman but that will be later tonight. I could always watch some Attenborough while I smoke that last joint, I have a good portion of his works. It’s quite a strange thing to watch a man age in front of you.

I have absolutely no clue what I’m going to do today… A final note, look at your pills before you pop them. You may be unlucky enough to live with some idiot who thinks throwing powerful prescription painkillers in with ibuprofen is a great idea!

I wish I could go back to sleep. 


Into the grey. 

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I’ve decided that I have to start doing something with my weekends. I’m bored of wasting money and time. I have to plan a day. I’ve already got company, I just had to think of a place to go and a thing to see or do. Eventually I settled on the idea of smoking a joint or two and traveling into London to spend a day stoned at the aquarium. 

I’m hoping to find somewhere nice to eat. Beer optional. I always enjoyed the aquarium, the visuals and seeing all those different species of fish. I also like the way they set up unusual displays, like a ford KA as a fishtank. I’ve never been stoned there before. I imagine it’ll be interesting.

Sure it’s a bit of a journey but it should be a good day and money well spent. I always loved the shark tank, they swim there ornate, looking almost inanimate. You see them snap to life as they are fed and you realise just how deadly that strange animal that glides before you actually is.

I’m actually looking forward to it, I haven’t been for a long time. My other ideas include the natural history museum and the British museum. I’d go out to eat but apparently my plus one refuses to travel just for the point of eating. Well he couldn’t score a perfect ten, could he.

I guess I have something to look forward too at least.


Little ole wine drinker and me.

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In Chicago, a broken heart is still the same.

Failure to launch.

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Is what I’d title this weekend. I’ve spent way more than I thought I would have but on the upside I’ll have a new Xbox and about 20 odd games to distract myself with. Anyway, onto yesterday…

We woke up in the morning and decided that Friday night may have been a bit excessive what with it’s countless beers, shots of Jack Daniels and blunts. After much coffee and nicotine I realised the need for toiletries.

I got in the bath and cleaned of the filth from work and play. Once I was done my cute neighbour asked me to grab her some cigarettes because her kids were sick. Lovely lady, I’m assuming fasting was off because her kids were all sick. 

I’d need a cigarette too dealing with three sick kids. I eventually finished the cleansing ritual and headed out to town to grab my toiletries. Hungry from the night before I decided I would demolish a subway, my friend had already eaten so decided he’d wait for me in the pub while he drank an amaretto.

I went into the pub with him, I reasoned that there was no point eating only to drink five minutes after the fact. We ended up having a few beers, I wasn’t going to let him pay for an amaretto. Shits expensive. After a few drinks we decided to sit in the beer garden. I’m not sure if it was because of the good weather or the fact that I was tired of hearing the old boys talk crap.

In the beer garden we were treated to a woman using the word eviscerated to describe the state something they’d hit while doing garden work. Two women across from us were debating whether eviscerated was a word. One girl looked to me as if to say ‘back me up here’ after they’d heard me say eviscerated. I couldn’t help her as eviscerated is indeed a word. Made for some decent pub talk, a good laugh if you will.

We had a few more drinks after that, then I continued on to subway where I demolished a foot and a half of steak cheese melt. I told my friend that I could eat another half to which he replied that I was a greedy bastard. ‘Not greedy, stoned.’ I replied. A girl sitting across told me that’s what she needs to do. Working in customer service I think I’d need to be high every day too.

We went to retrieve my toiletries after that and then, just as we went to leave for home it began to rain torrentially. Gotta love British weather. We walked home looking like a pair of drowned rats. Unfortunately the clothing that was saturated by London rain is the same set of clothing I wanted to wear that evening. 

Walking home in the rain, half cut is always a fun time. When I finally hit home I got my wet clothing off only to be informed that we needed cheese for lasagne. Back into the rain I went for cheese and more beer. Eventually the rain died down. I ate and changed then we walked to the local shit hole for a few games of pool. It was either pool or poker. I didn’t have the energy to deal with my old friends and their friends of friends. Pool it was.

For such a shitty bar it was quite packed, so much so that pool was impossible. It just wasn’t going to happen. We had two more beers and left. My friend suggested that we go to see a crappy movie but between my mcshame trip and the lack of anything decent in the cinema we ended up going home.

In all it was a shitty night. Shitty weekend actually. I spent more money than I should of and didn’t do anything of note. Waste of time and money. Distraction is getting expensive and boring.