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It’s aliiiive!

Posted in Useless information., Work with tags , on April 12, 2015 by MISANTHROPIST

Hello everyone, firstly I apologise for my absence of late. It’s been crazy and boring. The next week and this week preceding it have been extremely busy due to Record store day. That and we’ve been focusing on getting some music made. The down side of all this creativity is that I’ve been unable to write a post in the last few weeks. I’m writing at the moment when I should be practicing. 

That said I’m sitting in the garden drinking a beer and enjoying the rare instance that the British weather blesses us with sunshine. I’m also drinking too much lately. As a nation we tend to turn to alcoholism as soon as the sun comes about. Maybe it should be listed on the census as a religion next to Jedi. 

I’ve had various ideas for posts that I’ve lost between being tired, drunk and or dealing with everyday normal bullshit. I’m actually thoroughly irritated with work. The boss of the company as a whole complained that I was pulling four orders at once. He was concerned about mistakes even though I never made one when using that method. I’m pushing up the efficiency of our workplace as a whole and he’s worried about a simple innovation. 

This is probably why company stocks aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. I understand his concern but I’m currently the best at my job and having a positive impact on the company as a whole, it’s hard to see that from your comfortable chair in your air conditioned office. 

Yes that’s the sound of resentment. As a manager I understand his concerns but at the same time not addressing your problem with the employee in question and sending an email is cowardly. Leadership skills man. People respect you more if you address them personally and if you don’t have the balls to do so then you shouldn’t be in management. 

So I’m thoroughly dissatisfied with work, I’d address him personally but if nothing will come of it and he’s not confident enough to address me in a constructive manner then what’s the point? My personal life is going steady, nothing to report on there. I’m in studio on Monday then back to work on Tuesday for the week from hell.

I will get back to posting, this blog has suffered. I’ve been meaning to post a lot but all those intentions have, this far amounted to nothing. I will get to it within the next fortnight.

Again, all apologies.