Bored Inc.

So here I am sitting on my ass bored, I could practice language or write something for the music project but I can’t be asked and the person I really want to talk to is sleeping. I’m feeling a little lost. I don’t know what to do with myself. 

It’s the busiest two weeks of the year at work so you can imagine the kind of day I’ve had, I saved some time with the ecig smoking as I work. I can get away with it because nobody really cares and I’m in a position of leverage where I am required. I work and they let me do as I please within reason. 

Back to my point, I am so very bored. Read the news, took a shower, cooked dinner and now I’m writing here but after I finish here then what do I do. I know one thing I could do is work out but I just did an hour day and I can’t be bothered. I could do with dropping a few kilos. I should open up a suggestion box or maybe a kickstarter for greater disposable income, I wouldn’t mind going out right now, even alone.



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