Here I go again…

Getting ready for another week, I’m glad the previous one is over. Spent some time intoxicated and got a very rare hangover, not even a bad one but a hangover for me is so uncommon it’s notable. This has been a time of beer and late nights but it hasn’t been unproductive. Music is beginning to take form ideas developed and a solid track has been produced and we’ve set a deadline. The work is a lot more focused now. 

Now I can afford it I’ve upgraded and got a better e-cigarette , on that note I feel like an idiot for not realising the cardiovascular effects of nicotine in my previous post about possible health issues. Might be useful for a study one day, who knows. I’ve also been making a more coordinated effort to learn Portuguese because as I said previously it looks like she’s gonna be around for a while, relationship is strong enough to survive this long so I figure it is worth making such an investment.

Work is going well, got my system, cracks in the place are showing but it’s all good. Sometimes you just have to work with what you’ve got. I’d like things to run a bit smoother before the biggest day for sales in the year. That’s pretty much everything going on for me. The week is over. So why am I not sitting here completely satisfied like I should be? Feels like there’s something missing. For someone who has spent their day smoking I’m sure doing a dangerous amount of thinking right now.



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