On work…

It’s gotten a little interesting I certainly didn’t expect to be the fastest and most accurate guy they have by my third week, I also didn’t expect to be handling all their important orders. Even weirder is having the boss give them to me personally. I’ve been complimented for my initiative a lot. I can see myself moving upward, I’m absorbing information and procedure quicker than they can find new things to teach me. Also working out my own systems to optimise tasks. I’ve been there three weeks and I ended up teaching and introducing a newbie to the place. Basically doing what the boss/ floor managers should be doing. 

That said the people I work with are great for the most part, the job is pretty simple, location convenient and hours even more so. Its great compared to the last hell hole. Still a clusterfuck though. I can see a million ways to improve the place and make our lives easier but management won’t act on it I’m told. I’ve got a new and weird quirk for my cv! I can use an antiquated Linux computer system from the 80’s that is probably in use nowhere else. The engineer who fixes this system if it goes down is 70 years old. So yeah this system is a fossil.

One perk of this job is if I find a vinyl that is deleted I can have it for free even if it’s worth a lot. I already sold an official manhunt soundtrack for a bit. I’m honestly thinking of taking their deleted stock off their hands for free and selling it on as a second income. It’s a win-win because I make money and they don’t have to pay to destroy it. It also frees up space for them. Oh and another thing, spare a thought for me on record store day, it is madness I’m told. 



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