I think it’s about time.

She’s been in my life for a while now so I figure it’s time to learn her language. Especially since her parents approve of me and things are looking long term. This is one thing I have to be optimistic about if nothing else. Anyway, remember I spoke earlier about educational apps? Well I downloaded a few resources and along with my previous knowledge I should be speaking good Portuguese soon enough. I’m just debating whether to tell her or surprise her later. I was at it for three hours today and I realised that time spent around her family has given me a level of understanding.

I may also need to know this because there is a possibility I could end up in South America, next on the list might have to be Spanish. When I told her before that I’m picking up what she’s saying I don’t think that she understood just how much I comprehend. I don’t know if it’s our cultural differences but I never get tired of her speaking her own language or her small mistakes. It’s actually endearing as fuck.

I guess learning her language is a passive commitment.



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