Finally got that iPhone 

I thought I’d take the time out to post since it’s around 2am, I can’t sleep and I’m bored. What do ya know? Surprise surprise there’s an app for that! Getting this thing set up was a lot of fuckery but so far it has been worth the work. I thought it would be easy but as the rules of the universe dictate “nothing is ever simple.” 

I brought a sim card for this thing without taking into account a recent merger of two of the largest networks, now in my head it should be as simple as purchasing a SIM card. However, this was not the case. I went through two sims and the person I purchased it from neglected to inform me that the sim I needed was specific, from before the merger. 

The networks store informed me I could pay £20 in order to get it unlocked and wait 28 days to get my phone back, at which point I became irritated and attempted to find alternative solutions that don’t take a month. The alternative solutions were rapid but cost £75 which is more than I paid for the device. I got a deal hence my waiting for it so long. Eventually I was informed that they did in fact stock the specific sim card I needed and they have it to me for free, which was unexpected. Finally I had a working phone.

I quite like the thing, I’m familiar with the iOS and it’s inner workings so that wasn’t a bother, another great thing is very few people are aware I have a number so no annoying calls just yet. One thing that put me off was the insistence on GPS and the 56 page terms of useage. Yes I read it and it can be quite off-putting.

I’ve tried to be quite ultilitarian when selecting my apps, generally only downloading the usefull ones like bus schedules, WordPress, data usage tracking app, newsreader, weather, educational apps. You get the idea? No angry birds or any of that kind of crap, don’t want to waste memory or time.

My new favourite saying, reflecting the douchebaggery of some apple users, is ‘I can do that because myphone’s an iPhone.’ There is no denying that these things are incredibly useful. For the seasoned user losing your iPhone is a registered disability, i see how individuals could become very dependant on it. Even without having banking apps these things store a worrying amount of personal information. Losing an iPhone could be costly.

I’m happy with the product in general, it does what I need it to do and more which is why I worry about dependency. Don’t want to become disabled if my phone breaks or battery dies, that’s just sad. Another thing I will say is it has already made posting even more convenient. I’m by no means an apple fanboy but I’d say this device was worth the wait now I have it. 



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