Why am I the tribe’s shaman.

It’s really starting to annoy me that I have multiple individuals coming to me with their people/relationship problems. Since when did I sign up to be the tribe’s shaman? It’s not even people close to me, I get my inbox flooded with people asking for advice on everything people related. At first it’s nice to know you’re appreciated or at least your knowledge is appreciated but after a time it becomes quite tiring, especially when you come home from work to 6+ messages asking for relationship advice or advice on a friend. No me importa nada. I’m tired, I have work in the morning and my own personal problems eclipse your own by far.

I mean fair enough if your problem is far worse than my own I’ll take time out to help you but if it’s silly innocuous bullshit then I ain’t got time for that. I’m focused on working and going up, music and/or whether this woman could be the one. My wife and the mother my satan spawn. Thankfully kids are far away, I saw my friend do it and no matter how much capital you have it isn’t an easy task. I feel for the woman who is partnered with some lazy motherfucker. Sure she doesn’t go to work but her job is 24/7, unpaid and without holidays. Sure you bust your ass at work everyday but you get a half hour break and you leave that responsibility behind when you clock out at the end of a day, she’s got that baby full-time.

Back on topic, I’m done with people’s problems. If you want your problem solved I will advise you. If you don’t take that advice it’s your problem. If any unforseen circumstances arise from taking my advice it isn’t my problem but if you do listen to me and think on your feet your problem may just be solved, one way or another. Although it may not turn out quite how you expected, if it doesn’t then it’s probably for the best. I should start charging these people by the hour, then again that’d be wrong since all I’m doing is looking at your situation objectively because I am removed enough from the situation to do so. I solve everyone’s problems but my own, saying that I do have my moments where I can look at my own situation crystal clear and I solve my own problems but I have to say when you’re in the moment it can be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. It can hurt but you hurt yourself in the present to save yourself from future agony.


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