I haven’t been writing too much.

There’s not many excuses for my lack of posting, I have a four-day weekend and I’m not doing anything in particular on my off-days. I’ve noticed my alcohol consumption increasing rapidly, which is something I should really take control of. In the last week I’ve been drinking some amount for six out of the seven days, it’s not clever. I need to sort that out. As far as work is concerned I’m doing great, I’ve been there three weeks or so and I’m already the fastest on the floor. I’ve learned more in my three weeks than anyone else has in their twenty years running, I’m something of a record holder. I guess that means I was worth hiring. If I keep on I’ll be going up. Record Store day is around the corner, that’s gonna be a busy few weeks leading up to it I’m told. Not looking forward to that.

As you can see from the mix and matched content of this post I have no idea what I’m doing here. I’m posting because I feel I should, you see, I have all these great ideas for posts during the week then I pass out from exhaustion and forget them. That’s really beginning to piss me off. On another note, it looks like my partner’s father isn’t into the idea of paying for her to be educated in my country so I’m left with a choice, I either break it off with her and mark it down as pointless or I eventually move to Brazil. It matters to me, she matters to me so it looks like I’ll be doing the latter. Do any of you remember when life was simple?

I’m getting that iPhone tomorrow, finally. I’ve waited long enough. On that note I have noticed a trend, as your capital goes up your patience decreases. I could wait for that phone and get it for a great price or I could just go spend the extra and have it now, in other words I’d be paying because I can’t be bothered to wait. The same goes for people, now I work I have less patience for people’s shit. I guess I come off as being an asshole or obnoxious but I really have no time for it. I guess this is one of those random update posts, anyways I hope you enjoyed it.


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