F**king up my lunch.

Lunch break at work is sometimes the best part of your working day, it’s that half an hour of your own time. It doesn’t seem like much but it can be a godsend if you’re having a hellish day. Usually on my lunch break I’ll go to the food van on the industrial estate I work in. On Friday this was not the case, during this very busy day I had not taken my lunch until just after 2pm meaning the food van was closed which is a damn shame because for a small food van they make an amazing, reasonably priced lunch. On this day I was forced to go to the garage for lack of knowledge of the area. I complain about gas stations often, they’re always way overpriced and their selection leaves a lot to be desired.

I went to the ATM and was pleased to learn I had been paid, not only that but my boss was happy with my performance so all in all I was having a good day until I entered the garage. As I expected there was a rather slim selection of sandwiches but that wasn’t the issue so much. It was the sandwich, we have a brand here call Ginster’s which I’ve always associated with quality so I decided to purchase their chicken and bacon sandwich thinking that it sounded nice. I was wrong on so many levels. First thing, it said deep fill 5mm is not deep fill. The second thing is who puts cucumber in a chicken and bacon sandwich. The third thing is, what component of a chicken and bacon sandwich is spicy? Finally it cost me £2.99.

In retrospect I should have gone hungry. It was the worst sandwich I’ve ever eaten. Worse than those sandwiches you make when you’re way too drunk or high, you know the ones where you wake up the next day and say ‘what the f**k was I thinking.’
Someone at Ginster’s needs to be fired. I couldn’t find a job for nearly a year and you have idiots like this in employment. I blame whoever decided to go forward with this sandwich. It was low quality and the deep fill thing was plain false advertising, whoever put the cucumber in the sandwich deserves to be shot. I have never had my lunch ruined by a product, I’ve never even complained so much about something I ate. It gave the guys in the warehouse a good laugh as they listened to 20mins of ranting about a sandwich, after which they informed me nobody buys anything from that place.


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