I’m back.

It’s been an interesting few months having my girlfriend living with me, she’s gone home to Brazil now and I’m back to sleeping alone. It’s a real bastard to go from sharing my bed with someone who puts out more heat than a radiator to loneliness again but I’m sure I’ll get used to it with time. I’ve got six months before she returns to study here but until then I’ve got to start building a life. I’ve started with the simple step of getting a job. I work at a music distribution warehouse at the moment, not the greatest of jobs but they provide weekly pay (which is a rare thing nowadays), a nice working environment with opportunity for advancement and I get a four-day weekend so I can’t complain. Things worked out well for me.

I applied for the job and had a call back within the hour which is something I’ve never experienced in my time as a job seeker. I had the interview the same day and started on Monday, on three hours sleep after taking my girlfriend to Heathrow Airport at 4AM. I could go on but this was more of an update to let you know that I am alive and I will be posting. I’m tired and tomorrow I’m working as part of a skeleton crew with a French girl who is pretty useless meaning I’m at least 80 percent of said skeleton. I’ll update soon because I have plenty to post about. I need to go to bed now. Early start tomorrow.


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