Vaping and the community.

No, not weed. I’m talking about E-cigarettes. You may remember my initial concerns about them and how I said I didn’t quite trust them, I changed my mind on that recently and I’ve been using one for a while. They are pretty good, same satisfaction etc. Though I’m convinced there must be some danger like a flaking heating element or maybe some microparticle issue they have to be safer than normal cigarettes. I’ve done some reading for both sides of the debate and even seen the tobacco industry’s response to it whether that be investment or failing miserably to tout their own inferior versions of the product. I think it is much too soon for any scientific study of the health effects, these things haven’t been around long enough. Sure one could point to the quality control issues among other things but any adverse health effects are just theory at the moment. It’s a gamble I’m willing to take.

The point of this post, all that aside, is the vaping community. Known as ‘Vapers’ or ‘Vapists’ which if heard wrong could lead to a punch in the face. First off I don’t understand the whole concept of a subculture based on vaporizing nicotine, like 420 without the cannabis. Personally I find it lame. To base yourself around your usage of a product/drug is just sad. The second thing is, yes, we know you vape but you don’t have to be an asshole about it. There are certain places you wouldn’t smoke in if you have any kind of common decency and the same should go for vaping, an example of this is restaurants unless they specifically state that it is okay to smoke inside. That is becoming a rarity. I can understand wanting to vape in bars and many of the owners are pretty cool about it, you just have to be respectful and ask.

Even if vapor lacks the harmful substances contained in regular cigarettes you still shouldn’t be blowing it around children and some people, believe it or not, might be irritated by the vapor. It is rare but it does happen. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for taking advantage of vaping in places where you used to be able to smoke but be respectful about it. I get that non-smokers can be assholes about it, even outside and 10 meters away someone will always find an excuse to bitch about the smoke. Others will cough loudly to let you know they’re offended by it, those people are annoying passive aggressive idiots. I completely understand that but the more vapers act like douches about when and where they choose to vape the more likely the owners of establishments are to ban vaping inside. I like vaping but I dislike the vaping culture, it seems to primarily attract douchebags.


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