Jurassic World.

With the release of the trailer in the last few days it can be said that after a decade in development hell Jurassic World is upon us. I’ve been saying for a while now that they had better not ruin my childhood as sequels usually suffer from never quite living up to their predecessors. I didn’t mind the second Jurassic Park but the third wasn’t that great. I’m not sure if they were genuinely bad sequels or I just grew up, either way Jurassic Park sparked a life long interest in dinosaurs, unfortunately paleontology is a far cry from being chased by T-rex. All that said Jurassic Park is noted for being nowhere near accurate and I am okay with that, it’s a movie. Entertainment and nothing more. If you expected it to be factual you should probably be watching a documentary and not a Hollywood blockbuster. Who cares that they don’t have feathers? Sit back and enjoy the damn movie.

After having watched the trailer I know that Isla Nubar is now a fully functioning theme park, quite different from Hammond’s original vision but stunning nonetheless. We see crowds, sophisticated transportation systems and for the first time in the series we’re introduced to marine reptiles. There’s the fan favourites the Velociraptors which are closer to Deinonychus than their namesake. It has everything a Jurassic Park movie should contain, so far so good right? Then comes the problem. Remember how the Tyrannosaurus Rex was the main attraction in the first movie? Well they’ve revisited that in a way that makes me skeptical. The Diabolus Rex, Diabolus meaning Devil I believe. Nice name but here is what bothers me, this new T-Rex isn’t any old cloned dinosaur it is a genetically modified super dinosaur. You think they would have learned the first three times… Anyway, here’s a concept picture.

Sorry if I have annoyed you with what could be considered a spoiler, then again it’s nothing you don’t know if you haven’t already watched the trailer and Googled Jurassic World so I’m pretty sure I can get away without slapping spoiler warnings all over the title. This isn’t reddit, get over yourselves. Even though I am pretty skeptical about the whole genetically modified super dino angle, I’m hoping this installment can capture the magic of the first film in a way that the second and third failed to do. I’m willing to pay money, sit on sticky seats, put up with annoying children and adults all while practically fisting the person next to me due to lack of arm room so this had better be good. If this is a disappointment myself and so many others will have waited a decade for nothing so understandably people are going to be pissed. If it is a let-down I can’t see me ever going to the cinema again.

So let’s hope it doesn’t turn out like this:

It will be the first time I’ve been to the cinema since Guardians Of The Galaxy, which I was dragged into under duress by my wonderful girlfriend. At first I didn’t even realize we were seeing a movie…
I was surprised by GOTG actually. Before that the last thing I watched in a cinema was Borat which I had to see three times because the first two times I was completely wasted, I’ve always been a fan of Sacha Baron Cohen though and the movie was pretty good. I’ve got my fingers crossed that Jurassic World will be a decent sequel to the first movie despite the genetically modified super dinosaur angle but something in me makes me believe I will be unimpressed and that this movie will capitalize on the scenes and dinosaurs we fondly remember from the first and second movies. I’ve already seen part of the trailer the is reminiscent of the child hiding from T-Rex in the first movie but I remain hopeful. All I can do is go into the cinema with a clear head and attempt to enjoy the movie I’ve waited so long for.

Please don’t be a flop.


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