Why is it unacceptable to listen to the radio nowadays?

I constantly get shit from my girlfriend for listening to the radio, bear in mind that I listen to one station. It might be because I haven’t found a better one or that the hosts are the only people who can get a smile out of me first thing in the morning. XFM is a decent station, it’s had some great hosts over the years and they do things like fake news reports that are very cleverly crafted to be absurd yet believable. The music is pretty good though it has shifted to Indy which as a genre I’m starting to really hate. For the most part though, it is a great station. Maybe I get shit from her because she’s younger than me, I get a rather stereotypical reply ‘who listens to the radio anymore?’ then I fit into another stereotype by saying she’s probably to young to understand, she’s not that much younger than me so I have a really hard time understanding why her and others find listening to the radio so strange. Saying all that, not many people my age listen to the radio either. Find the right station and it really isn’t bad at all. As I said before I’ve never expected to laugh so much before 7am.

Give radio a chance, remember radio is not just for cars…


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