Not getting smashed.

Me and my friend, the guy who I work on the music with, have decided we’re not getting smashed. That’s really strange, every two weeks we’ve gotten wrecked religiously. It’s always been fun but yeah something has changed there, the music is taking shape now. We’re having a meal, cooking one actually. Man food, and over a meal we’ll discuss the music and other things. I guess this is a sign the clamour got real. It’s just really unlike us to opt out of getting smashed in favour of a meal. Am I getting old?

His words were ‘No drink, no smoke. We’re just going to get some food, cook it, eat it and have a good time’ Sounds like a date. I asked him is he sure he doesn’t want me to bring wine? I could light some candles too. It’s crazy how things just came together, suddenly there is a direction. The recording sessions have been fun, there’s extra commentary too. He’s decided to work on one track and put it out there. Then we’ll see what happens. He’s regularly engaged with people in the music industry so who knows.


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