Get off your f**king phones for a moment…

Lately one thing that has really drawn on my patience is phone people. You know that person who is always stuck to their mobile phone. A lot of people are guilty of this, I understand the importance of staying connected. I’ve pulled my phone out during a conversation to shoot a quick message to someone. It happens but when you’re talking to me I’m listening to you. If we’re having a conversation and you’re zoning out every five minutes into your Iphone what the fuck is the point of me even talking to you? It’s not only rude but down right disrespectful. It doesn’t happen often to me but when it does it pisses me off. Even worse than having it happen on a one to one basis is when you’re in a group, at a party say, and everyone is on their phone. In the past I’ve sent a group message from my phone saying ‘Get off your phones you anti-social fucks.’

People like this make me not want to own a mobile phone or use it only out of necessity, as little as possible. What is annoying is that you need a phone, it’s an inescapable convenience necessary to live anything resembling a life. What happened to just talking to people? Personally I even like getting emails but I’m not sitting next to you emailing people over drinks and not hearing half of what you’re saying. I usually end up telling them to talk to me when they’re done if I can be bothered at all by that point. People stress me out at times, not just this but a lot of little things. Annoying habits and the abandonment of common decency. If you can’t get your head out of your phone for five minutes then I don’t really want to talk to you at all.

It’s addicting, I know it is. I’ve seen people who never owned a phone for purposes of staying in contact suddenly turn into phone people when they get around to purchasing one of the newer models of smart phones. Even admitting it’s  an addiction and apologizing for the behaviour because to them it feels natural. I swear conversation is a dying art. I want to avoid becoming a phone drone. How bad is it when you almost get ran over in the street because you can’t take your eyes off of your damn phone. I’m not a Luddite at all really but this is ridiculous. When I get a phone I’m setting it so that after a certain time the only calls I can receive are from my girlfriend and immediate family, in case of emergencies. I’d rather just shut it off after 10pm though.

I’m calling bullshit.


2 Responses to “Get off your f**king phones for a moment…”

  1. most of the time im with a group and they talk between themselves so i take out my phone and nobody seems to mind as they arent talking to me anyhow 😛 if only i had a smartphone

    • I’m okay with a regular old dumb phone if it means I maintain my ability to hold a conversation. It’s not a problem just taking it and messaging quick or answering a call but yeah if someone is talking to you directly it’s just rude as hell. Makes me 300% mad.

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