Hey all.

I’m going to be writing but lately I’ve been busy, putting the time into relationships, myself and the music. It’s been interesting. Everything seems to be looking up but god people still piss me off sometimes. I’ve got no reason to stop writing here, I’ll make an effort to up the frequency and quality of my posts. I’ve had plenty of things to write about, so many that some things begin to slip my mind only to come back then have me forget something else. Another thing that really gets me is when I have the motivation and a full, well-formed post in my head I am usually busy. Then there’s the small things like working out a little and making more of an effort to learn Portuguese among others. I’ve had a lot of me time and come to some very helpful realizations. No you won’t see me at the local place of worship. I am looking at moving on up though. All said I’m actually very happy at the moment. Oh, and the non-smoking-ish thing is going well. I’m actually happy to puff on an E-cig while I write.

It’s the little things…


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