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Vaping and the community.

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No, not weed. I’m talking about E-cigarettes. You may remember my initial concerns about them and how I said I didn’t quite trust them, I changed my mind on that recently and I’ve been using one for a while. They are pretty good, same satisfaction etc. Though I’m convinced there must be some danger like a flaking heating element or maybe some microparticle issue they have to be safer than normal cigarettes. I’ve done some reading for both sides of the debate and even seen the tobacco industry’s response to it whether that be investment or failing miserably to tout their own inferior versions of the product. I think it is much too soon for any scientific study of the health effects, these things haven’t been around long enough. Sure one could point to the quality control issues among other things but any adverse health effects are just theory at the moment. It’s a gamble I’m willing to take.

The point of this post, all that aside, is the vaping community. Known as ‘Vapers’ or ‘Vapists’ which if heard wrong could lead to a punch in the face. First off I don’t understand the whole concept of a subculture based on vaporizing nicotine, like 420 without the cannabis. Personally I find it lame. To base yourself around your usage of a product/drug is just sad. The second thing is, yes, we know you vape but you don’t have to be an asshole about it. There are certain places you wouldn’t smoke in if you have any kind of common decency and the same should go for vaping, an example of this is restaurants unless they specifically state that it is okay to smoke inside. That is becoming a rarity. I can understand wanting to vape in bars and many of the owners are pretty cool about it, you just have to be respectful and ask.

Even if vapor lacks the harmful substances contained in regular cigarettes you still shouldn’t be blowing it around children and some people, believe it or not, might be irritated by the vapor. It is rare but it does happen. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for taking advantage of vaping in places where you used to be able to smoke but be respectful about it. I get that non-smokers can be assholes about it, even outside and 10 meters away someone will always find an excuse to bitch about the smoke. Others will cough loudly to let you know they’re offended by it, those people are annoying passive aggressive idiots. I completely understand that but the more vapers act like douches about when and where they choose to vape the more likely the owners of establishments are to ban vaping inside. I like vaping but I dislike the vaping culture, it seems to primarily attract douchebags.


Jurassic World.

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With the release of the trailer in the last few days it can be said that after a decade in development hell Jurassic World is upon us. I’ve been saying for a while now that they had better not ruin my childhood as sequels usually suffer from never quite living up to their predecessors. I didn’t mind the second Jurassic Park but the third wasn’t that great. I’m not sure if they were genuinely bad sequels or I just grew up, either way Jurassic Park sparked a life long interest in dinosaurs, unfortunately paleontology is a far cry from being chased by T-rex. All that said Jurassic Park is noted for being nowhere near accurate and I am okay with that, it’s a movie. Entertainment and nothing more. If you expected it to be factual you should probably be watching a documentary and not a Hollywood blockbuster. Who cares that they don’t have feathers? Sit back and enjoy the damn movie.

After having watched the trailer I know that Isla Nubar is now a fully functioning theme park, quite different from Hammond’s original vision but stunning nonetheless. We see crowds, sophisticated transportation systems and for the first time in the series we’re introduced to marine reptiles. There’s the fan favourites the Velociraptors which are closer to Deinonychus than their namesake. It has everything a Jurassic Park movie should contain, so far so good right? Then comes the problem. Remember how the Tyrannosaurus Rex was the main attraction in the first movie? Well they’ve revisited that in a way that makes me skeptical. The Diabolus Rex, Diabolus meaning Devil I believe. Nice name but here is what bothers me, this new T-Rex isn’t any old cloned dinosaur it is a genetically modified super dinosaur. You think they would have learned the first three times… Anyway, here’s a concept picture.

Sorry if I have annoyed you with what could be considered a spoiler, then again it’s nothing you don’t know if you haven’t already watched the trailer and Googled Jurassic World so I’m pretty sure I can get away without slapping spoiler warnings all over the title. This isn’t reddit, get over yourselves. Even though I am pretty skeptical about the whole genetically modified super dino angle, I’m hoping this installment can capture the magic of the first film in a way that the second and third failed to do. I’m willing to pay money, sit on sticky seats, put up with annoying children and adults all while practically fisting the person next to me due to lack of arm room so this had better be good. If this is a disappointment myself and so many others will have waited a decade for nothing so understandably people are going to be pissed. If it is a let-down I can’t see me ever going to the cinema again.

So let’s hope it doesn’t turn out like this:

It will be the first time I’ve been to the cinema since Guardians Of The Galaxy, which I was dragged into under duress by my wonderful girlfriend. At first I didn’t even realize we were seeing a movie…
I was surprised by GOTG actually. Before that the last thing I watched in a cinema was Borat which I had to see three times because the first two times I was completely wasted, I’ve always been a fan of Sacha Baron Cohen though and the movie was pretty good. I’ve got my fingers crossed that Jurassic World will be a decent sequel to the first movie despite the genetically modified super dinosaur angle but something in me makes me believe I will be unimpressed and that this movie will capitalize on the scenes and dinosaurs we fondly remember from the first and second movies. I’ve already seen part of the trailer the is reminiscent of the child hiding from T-Rex in the first movie but I remain hopeful. All I can do is go into the cinema with a clear head and attempt to enjoy the movie I’ve waited so long for.

Please don’t be a flop.

Why is it unacceptable to listen to the radio nowadays?

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I constantly get shit from my girlfriend for listening to the radio, bear in mind that I listen to one station. It might be because I haven’t found a better one or that the hosts are the only people who can get a smile out of me first thing in the morning. XFM is a decent station, it’s had some great hosts over the years and they do things like fake news reports that are very cleverly crafted to be absurd yet believable. The music is pretty good though it has shifted to Indy which as a genre I’m starting to really hate. For the most part though, it is a great station. Maybe I get shit from her because she’s younger than me, I get a rather stereotypical reply ‘who listens to the radio anymore?’ then I fit into another stereotype by saying she’s probably to young to understand, she’s not that much younger than me so I have a really hard time understanding why her and others find listening to the radio so strange. Saying all that, not many people my age listen to the radio either. Find the right station and it really isn’t bad at all. As I said before I’ve never expected to laugh so much before 7am.

Give radio a chance, remember radio is not just for cars…

ISIS, UK Govt dealing with extremism.

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Now I don’t usually get into politics, wars, religion and things like that unless I’m outwardly chucking salt but this time it is different, this is important. I posted this up on Facebook and there was little to no attention paid to it which is sad because it means my peers aren’t educated enough to understand the far-reaching implications of this issue, and if they are unable or more so unwilling to understand and engage these issues we’re already fucked. Mine is a generation of apathy for which we may all pay the price one day in the future.

Recently my Government proposed laws to bar people who fought for the Islamic State from returning to Britain. Many people are outraged and I understand that sentiment, a lot of us are angry and even I myself was swept into this line of thought. It does seem like a good idea when in fact it is far from it. People, including myself, have reacted emotionally and not rationally to this issue. When I actually stand back and realize what a terrible idea this is I cannot help but wonder if this is an attempt by the current government to gain the popular vote for the upcoming elections or just a misguided attempt to deal with a problem that by all accounts has grown out of control.

So where to begin? Let’s start simple shall we?
By not allowing these people to return home because we assume they are terrorists we are casting aside due process and the right to be innocent until proven guilty. If we allow this to happen we are directly contributing to the erosion of our civil liberties/rights. I know many would argue that terrorists don’t have civil/human rights but there’s the rule of all or none. If we forfeit the rights of others then we are in effect forfeiting our own. It’s all well and good when it is a suspected terrorist or someone who is suspected to have engaged in war crimes but what happens when it is one of our own? When the individual is in fact innocent or there a case of mistaken identity? By that time it will not matter because we’ve discarded the processes put in place to protect us, by then we’re already screwed. And that aside, governments have never abused their power before right?

These people are citizens of the United Kingdom, in being citizens they are subject to the laws of our nation. We cannot just ignore or export the problem, they were born and raised in the UK and it is our responsibility to deal with them appropriately. Also a lot of people here maintain an attitude towards those living in ISIS held territory that pertains to ‘They aren’t us, fuck them, let them fend for themselves.’ If you open your eyes, aside from skin colour and religion they are you. Those people are human beings and we have a responsibility to them, nobody deserves to have to put up with this sort of shit. Many people maintain the simplistic view that our money should not be spent feeding, housing and clothing these individuals in one of many wonderful prison facilities across the land but if that is the case then what do they propose we do allow them to run around in their sandbox to rape and murder at will? I’d much rather they be locked away where they can be of no further to anyone.

A lot of people also argue against attempts at radicalization/rehabilitation, many of them not realizing that a lot of the individuals who travelled overseas originally did so to fight against an opressive regime. Others did leave with the intention of fighting for ISIS but when they got there it wasn’t what the believed it would be, such is the folly of idealists. Many have tried to return home, few people actually have the stomach for war let alone outright genocide of a people. That isn’t to say we should feel sorry for them or they should not be punished, they deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of our laws. Again, we should deal with our problem. When you do not allow these individuals to return home they becomes stateless and in making them stateless we create much more than an individual who make a huge fucking mistake, we create a desperate situation that can only lead to more violence. We create an enemy of the state with no other option but to fight against us.

Even without considering those points allowing them to return home and monitoring their activities would provide valuable intelligence in our fight against ISIS. Another main point of this post is that there are many more intelligent ways of dealing with our current situation. Barring them from reentering the United Kingdom is the absolute wrong answer. If this isn’t a misguided attempt at dealing with our problem and rather an attempt to gain the popular vote then our leadership is even more incompetent than I ever imagined, dangerously so. The fact that many of my contemporaries don’t understand or are indifferent to my points about civil liberties is saddening. It basically means we’re already waiting to get fucked. I can understand people being angry and reacting emotionally to what is a barbaric and desperate situation but what I cannot understand nor forgive is the indifference, that is worse than the stupidity. That indifference has allowed some of the greatest evils in history.

People are stupid, our government more so and I have very little faith in my generation. Either way this is our problem and it’s about time we dealt with it, intelligently and precisely.

Facebook, Charity, Nominations and not giving.

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I’m tired of Facebook, I really am. I’m not going to go the edgy teenager route and say I’m quitting only to return 24hrs later because what is the point. Annoying as it is Facebook is genuinely useful for communicating quickly with friends across the world. Hard to believe a Misanthrope has friends across the globe isn’t it? Anyway we’re not here to talk about myself or to debate the usefulness of Facebook, today I have a rather specific gripe. It has more to do with the idiots I know than Facebook itself…

Stop nominating me for things, I don’t care what it is. Ice bucket challenge or whatever the new fad is. I’m guessing half of those idiots don’t even know what ALS stands for. It’s nice to donate money to charity but what is it with this fetishistic posting of photographic evidence? It isn’t enough that one has donated, everyone must know about it. When I give money or food to the homeless guy near the station do we take a fucking selfie together for my friends to know about my good deed? Because what’s the point of doing good if nobody can see you doing it?

90% of the people donating are unaware of how much of their donations go to those who need them, forgetting charities have administration costs and sometimes line their own pockets in the process. Nobody is smart about this sort of thing anymore and it hurts my head to think about how stupid people can be sometimes. I’m not doing anything because somebody nominated me and I’m certainly not going to be guilted into donating what little I do have because everybody on Facebook will know if I don’t. This sort of passive-aggressive bullshit makes me hate people and feel negatively towards charitable organizations.

If I give money, I’ll do it on the street where it counts and do it wisely so my charity isn’t taken advantage of. My country has its own problems too, how about we get those homeless people off the streets and into accommodation first?

You had one job YouTube.

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Recently I began thinking to myself, if only there were a way to watch my favourite things without hearing about the next Ancient Aliens special or whatever bullshit they are putting on the ad-breaks. My girlfriend watches a lot of documentary type stuff and my sister is an internet tv regular so I thought they would be the best people to ask, turns out my sister is useless if it isn’t TV programs you’re looking for and my girlfriend uses YouTube. I prefer watching factual/educational things because if I’m going to waste an hour of my life I may aswell learn something along the way.

I think it has to do with the imagery of the natural world. I find it relaxing and some of the scenery is truly beautiful, in a way I takes me to a place I’d rather be. Brazil has me craving more green space, London can be so grey and depressing at times. I eventually found myself on YouTube where I encountered a problem. YouTube seems very inconsistent at times with the odd episode of a David Attenborough series here and there. I just can’t seem to find anything I’m specifically interested in, even the Dinosaur/Paleontology thing I watched was a let-down. I’m surprised by that, I don’t remember Horizon being a cheap rip-off of Walking with plasticine. (My affectionate name for the BBC series Walking With Dinosaurs.)

I can’t seem to find any decent websites for that sort of watching, maybe I just need to look harder but thus far YouTube has been a huge let-down, either that or I’m just looking in all the wrong places. All the Attenborough series I’ve seen on there tend to be older or just the less interesting ones. I’m kinda disappointed actually… seems as if YouTube is only good for music, watching animals do stupid things and watching people hurt themselves.