Today I was cleaning

Today I was cleaning, as you do, and when I got to the cats litter tray I realized my eldest cat had missed the missed the litter tray. It happens what can I say. Then I noticed that the shit had landed on the open pages of The Sun newspaper, how apt I thought to myself. Anyone here who grew up in England knew The Sun as ‘the paper with tits on page three’ other than that I saw no reason to look at it. It’s a low end rag with leanings to the political right which generally caters to your average joe. Don’t take that as an insult your average joe might be more intelligent than mine. To be honest the only things worse than the sun are the one not worth reading at all and the messenger of doom and gloom The Daily Mail. I realize I’m shitting on The Sun here but compare to The Daily Mail; The Sun is relatively harmless.

Once I stopped laughing to myself I had to tell someone about it, someone who understands my feels and could share that chuckle with me. Unfortunately those kind of people seem to be in short supply at the moment. Probably why I’m posting it here. I don’t know if there are enough brits here to appreciate it but what the hell. I’ve been short on posts lately and this seemed noteworthy. If you happen to be interested do a little research and you might agree with me. I’m not sure if The Sun has an equivalent anywhere but The Daily Mail is damn close to Fox News without being called Fox.


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