Friday last I was back in the studio recording another guitar bit for my friend and we finally got something done. Only took us five months on and off. I played, he recorded and mixed it in and finally we got something done. I’m back in on Friday for round two, hopefully it’ll be as productive as last Friday. Many a time it has degenerated into just drinking because I was too fucked up to play or he was fucked up and couldn’t be bothered so we just talked and looked at some tracks. Nothing much got done. Most of the time I’m pretty on task but when we’re on one it’s a wonder anything gets past the drawing board. Things seem to be moving forward now which is nice. It’s a good thing we’re not paying for the studio time.

He did something very interesting with the sound of me coughing before the guitar started, he flipped it and added it into the track, he also added me fucking around during testing ‘Testing… one… two… five…’ It gave him the idea to give me the boom and let me record my guitar at home. He also told me to record random sounds around my home for him to mix in. It started as an EDM thing but has morphed and become highly experimental. It’s all fun, we’ll see how it goes. I’m just happy it is moving forward and shaping into something.


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