You, Me and LSD.

I'm off to space

I’m off to space.

One night in early August me and my current girlfriend were very bored. She suggested we try some acid we got from a friend of hers on a previous night out at a bar. I’ve not really messed with acid before but when you’re stuck at home, bored and looking for an experience why the hell not? I wouldn’t go recommending everyone try it, my experience of it was a good one. Yours may differ. We dropped the acid quite late into the evening and for the first 20 mins I just had a nasty taste in my mouth. I’m not exactly a stranger to drugs, medically speaking or otherwise but this was something quite unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and totally different from what you might come to expect from the various portrayals you’ve seen in the media.

Where was I when the acid kicked in? Reading Reddit’s /r/worldnews, one of the only subs I bother with anymore. I was reading about the current situation in the middle east. Then suddenly we got to talking and everything was funny, I’d say I spent about half an hour laughing before any real hallucinations happened. After a while we tried to reach the roof of her beautiful apartment complex, as luck would have it the elevator was mirrored. That coupled with the feeling of motion must have freaked her out a little. I immediately realized it was hard to recognize my own face in the mirror which I had expected due to the well-known dissociative effects of lysergic acid diethylamide. We stayed on the roof for sometime until it got cold and she calmed down to the point where she was ready to tackle the elevator again.

We travelled back down into the area we had designated as ‘the safe place’ comfortable and familiar enough not to send us tripping again. One thing I learned about acid was that if you think the trip is over it probably isn’t. After some more time I went to get a shower which was by all accounts a mistake. We must have sat in that shower for almost an hour while I watched my hand slowly melt with the water running off of it. Getting out of the shower was just as interesting when I gazed upon her bright pink towel and the room became bright pink in its entirety. This, I’d say, is where I began the most intense part of my trip. My perception was completely skewed with everything changing between being miniature then much bigger than usual.

One thing I noticed with acid is that it is important to remind yourself it’s just an acid trip, your mind can really wander and create visuals within an instant of you thinking about it. One piece of advice I will give you is that if you’re in a bad place avoid acid. A bad trip can really scare you and it isn’t something that is over quickly, this can go on for six or so hours. I’d also say that company is very important, don’t do acid with people you don’t know or trust. My visuals weren’t restricted to the ones I have mentioned. The curtain seemed to breathe, I saw shadows and faces in the windows that would disappear from the periphery of my vision


Toward the end of the night, once that nasty taste had died down and I was nearing the last few hours of my trip, I came to the best part of my experience. I’d drank some beers with her and we were out smoking when suddenly I was just watching her smoke one of my cigarettes. She looked really beautiful there in front of me, the cigarette smoke seemed to dance around her and all I could do was watch in the dark of that early morning. We then went to lay in bed in the dark, with some atmospheric music playing, I can’t quite remember but I think it was Japanese Zen music which added quite nicely to the trip.

We then lied in bed just cuddling and touching each other’s faces and bodies. At that moment I remember feeling a real closeness. I don’t know if it was the acid but at that time she was easily the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. This went on for sometime until I remember drinking a last beer on the balcony while smoking a cigarette as the sun came up casting vivid blues and pinks over the horizon. For the first time in years I’d witnessed something mundane and truly found beauty in it. I went back to bed after that and finally fell asleep with my arms around her somewhat exhausted. All in all I’d say I very much enjoyed acid and would do it again. The whole experience was something quite surreal and even slightly scary at times but totally worth it.

Well that was a trip and probably the most intense and heavy high I’ve ever experienced.


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