Well F**k me, I must be special.

Last week, I had a package arrive at my home every single day of the working week. She’d taken it upon herself to make me feel loved and special which is always nice. One thing I’ve learned with this one is never assume. She has the time and the money so when she says something off-hand chances are she’ll do it. I recieved expensive cupcakes, a ferrero rocher boquet arrangement, balloons, cookies and a personalized beer mug that came with a small book of beer tips. It was quite unexpected and I don’t usually recieve packages so it generated a degree of interest. The gifts were really sweet and all personalized, I don’t even want to know how much she spent but I’m guessing a few hundred. I must be doing something right. Anyway I just thought it worth a mention. It made me feel special but it also made me realize how much I miss having her around. 



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  1. 😀

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