R.I.P Russian sex geckos.

I’m finally getting used to being back here. I’m feeling a lot better now. Had my self two glasses on Johnny Walker red label and a little something to smoke. There’s nothing to do but at least my mind isn’t on it. As I said it’s still pretty boring, I decided to look up the news. Not local news because it’s always the same boring and depressing shit. Extremists, stabbings, the tradgedy of the now and I can’t be bothered with that. World news is where it’s at. I begin to scroll down the page until I come across this: Russian sex geckos die in orbit. It gave me a good laugh.

I’ve come to appreciate geckos, especially in Brazil where they’ll eat blood sucking beetles that can give you Chagas disease and other nasty bugs. After I’d stopped laughing, I pondered their fate. Poor Russian sex geckos. Really cool colourations on them too, these ones were purple and yellow. You might be wondering what geckos are doing in space. You may also be wondering wtf a sex gecko is. They were sent into space as part of a study into the effect of weightlessness on their sex lives and development. Those crazy Russians are at it again. On the bright side, another creature I’m familiar with through experimentation managed to survive: Drosophila fruit flies. I’m guessing the two were kept separate.

(Edit: In case you are wondering the heating system failed, that was how they died.)

Well this has been interesting. Geckos and sex, two things I appreciate. Maybe that’s why I related to this story. Please spare a thought for the Russian sex geckos.


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